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Discover our range of professional development options, including Melbourne MicroCerts, short courses, 100% online graduate study, and tailored training solutions for organisations.

Whether you're looking to upskill, expand your knowledge or take the next step in your career, we offer a range of 100% online courses spanning graduate certificates, master's degrees, and micro-credentials.

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Fast, focused, assessed micro-credentials for busy professionals seeking specific skills and capabilities. Taught by industry leaders, gain valuable practical experience you can quickly apply in your career.

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Enhance your workplace skills or feel inspired to pursue a personal passion. Gain specialist knowledge in custom masterclasses, practical skills in short-term intensives, and join professional development seminars to connect with industry leaders.

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Our courses integrate cutting-edge research with tangible industry insights to help you learn in engaging and impactful ways.

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Delivered by skilled academics and industry leaders, you'll receive high-quality learning that will give you a competitive edge in your career.

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Our courses are at the forefront of educational technology, providing rich, immersive, and stimulating learning environments.


We work with the brightest minds to deliver training that meets the demands of today's competitive job market and prepares you for future challenges.

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Our flexible study options offer 100% online and both face-to-face and blended learning options specifically designed to suit your needs and goals.


Engaging, insightful commentary on trending topics.

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27 November 2023
Micro-credentials give you the chance to pick up new skills quickly. But how can you choose one that’s right for your career?...

5 key strategies to improve your work-life balance

27 November 2023
As the pace of change accelerates it can be hard to find space to stop, think and reassess whether we’re really doing the best by ourselves and others. Taking the time t...

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