Melbourne MicroCerts

Fast, focused, 100% online

The world of work is changing. Whatever your role or industry, upskilling is essential.

Melbourne MicroCerts are micro-credentials — flexible, online short courses designed to help busy professionals quickly gain specific knowledge, skills, and capabilities employers need. Taught by industry experts, our future-focused micro-credentials unlock pathways to further study and provide valuable practical experience to give you an edge in your career.

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Construction, heritage, and the built environment

Equip yourself with practical knowledge of urban design, architecture, and building construction.

Contemporary education

Learn evidence-based teaching strategies and explore emerging classroom technologies.

Creative thinking, effective communication, and design

Acquire the skills to truly stand out, influence others, and positively impact your workplace.

Cultural, ethical, and emotional awareness

Improve your decision-making capabilities and enhance your cultural awareness.

Data, technology, and digital transformation

Gain high-demand skills in technology to improve digital competencies in your organisation.

Health, wellbeing, and medical innovation

Learn clinical, interpersonal, and digital skills you can quickly apply in the health sector.

Leadership, management, and change

Lead, manage, and collaborate effectively in new and evolving work environments.

Public policy, security, and crisis mitigation

Develop your skills in public policymaking and learn to respond decisively to cyber threats and crisis situations.

Sustainable practices

Gain practical, industry-aligned sustainability skills you can implement in your organisation.

Why Melbourne MicroCerts?

Our unique micro-credential courses are small, increasingly sought-after digital certifications that focus on the specific skill sets and capabilities your industry needs.

Online courses for professionals

Fast, focused, practical

Advance your knowledge, skills, and capabilities in just a few short weeks.

Industry-aligned courses

All Melbourne MicroCerts are developed and delivered 100% online by leading academics and industry experts.

Designed to stack

Stack Melbourne MicroCerts to unlock pathways to further study and earn credit toward postgraduate degrees.

Shareable digital certificates

Complete academically rigorous assessments and verify your achievements with shareable digital certificates.

Professional development for teams

Need to upskill your team members? Discounts are available for organisational bookings.

Discounts available to University staff and alumni

Part of the University of Melbourne community? Discounts are available across all Melbourne MicroCerts for University alumni and staff members.