The Melbourne curriculum

Be challenged, equipped, supported and inspired to solve the problems of tomorrow

Proven career outcomes

Build the flexible mindset, interdisciplinary thinking and soft skills that make our graduates some of the world’s most employable.

Follow your passions

Challenge yourself to think differently and pursue your passions with subjects beyond your study area, we call this breadth.

Graduate study

Gain professional accreditation in medicine, law, engineering and more; further specialise with a masters degree or research.

Our curriculum

Find out how the Melbourne curriculum will help prepare you for a future-oriented workplace.

How our curriculum works

Choose your undergraduate degree

Your first step toward studying with us is selecting the degree and study area that interests you most. Choose from seven undergraduate degrees that follow the Melbourne curriculum:  arts, biomedicine, commerce, design , fine arts, music, and science. Alternatively, we also offer degrees in agriculture and oral health for focused and specialist undergraduate studies.

Select a major

Your major is at the core of your undergraduate degree. Through every year of study, you will build in-depth specialist knowledge in your chosen major. Each degree has a different set of majors for you to explore.

Breadth study

Open your mind to something you’ve never tried - say winemaking? - learn a language, or an instrument. Breadth allows you to go beyond your study area to build an interdisciplinary skillset and critical thinking, as well as stronger problem-solving, communication and leadership abilities.

Discovery Subjects

Designed to support excitement, enthusiasm (and sometimes trepidation!) about starting university. First-year undergraduates will be introduced to cutting-edge research, big ideas and real-world problems and learn the key skills necessary to succeed in University life. Find out more

Career ready

Be supported by our strong connections to industry and global alumni network, and enter the workforce equipped for success.

Pathways to graduate study

The University offers guaranteed pathways to graduate study for high achieving students.