Master of Leadership for Development

Your fees explained

Want more information about fees and payments?

To be eligible for a reduced tuition fee, you will need to submit a complete application on or before the early application deadline date and if offered a place, accept your offer by the deadline in the offer letter (normally four weeks from date of the offer).

Early application (10% discount)

A 10% tuition fee reduction of AUD $2,816 is available if you apply before the 27 June 2022.

Alumni loyalty bursary (15% discount)

If you have successfully graduated from a credit-bearing qualification at The University of Melbourne, the University of Manchester or UMIST, you can receive an alumni loyalty bursary, which is a 15% discount on the tuition fees that you are personally funding.

*One-discount policy: We operate a one discount policy; Early Application and Alumni Loyalty Bursary are not accumulative. If you qualify for more than one discount or scholarship, you will be awarded the one that is the highest amount.

This course is equivalent in quality and accreditation to an on-campus qualification. Each subject is designed by academics, learning designers and educational technologists to deliver an interactive and enriching experience. Students will also have regular access to lecturers, tutors and a dedicated online Student Support team.

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Australian Fee Places

When you apply, you will automatically be considered for an Australian fee place if you meet course entry requirements.

You’ll pay tuition fees for each year that you are enrolled. Tuition fees are calculated according to your course and study load each semester. You may defer payment of your fees via the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP loan scheme if you are eligible.

If your course is relevant to your current employment, you may be able to claim fees as a work-related tax deduction.

Tuition fees may be adjusted each year.


FEE-HELP can cover all or part of your tuition fees. The Australian Government pays the amount of the loan direct to the University. You’ll make repayments through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) whenever your income is above the threshold, or you can make voluntary repayments to the ATO at any time.

FEE-HELP is not means tested and there is no loan fee for graduate study. If you already have a HECS-HELP loan from your undergraduate studies, you can still access a FEE-HELP loan. No interest is charged on your FEE-HELP loan, however, it is indexed each year with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in line with the cost of living.

The Government’s Study Assist website provides more information about FEE-HELP.

Other financial assistance

The University's Student Financial Aid Service can provide you with advice and information on student loans and bursaries/grants, cost of living, budgeting and tax advice.


Find a scholarship that's right for you

Sustainable Development Goals Scholarship - one third of the tuition fee ($9,384 AUD)

Scholarship Application Deadline -  27 June 2022.

Eligibility: Open to all who can demonstrate their commitment to delivering against one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As two of the world’s leading Universities, we are committed to support the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN through the work we do at Melbourne and Manchester.

We award these scholarships to support opportunities for talented individuals interested in careers in development to learn from our experts and start, or continue, their journey into future development roles.

Scholarship Criteria

You will need to show/demonstrate:

  1. Outstanding academic excellence:  We will take into consideration your final degree classification/average.
  2. Strong motivation and potential to their commitment to delivering against one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (current work experience in the development sector may be required).
  3. Determination to act as a role model for others in Development.

We will invite short-listed candidates for an interview.

How to apply for a scholarship

Our scholarship is competitive, based on merit and awarded to the strongest candidates. We operate a one discount/scholarship policy - discounts are not accumulative. There are specific criteria for each scholarship, therefore please review the individual scholarship information and details of how to apply.

You should submit your application in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation. The presentation is a blank canvas to paint your picture and tell us what makes you stand out as a possible recipient of the scholarship in a more creative way.

We hope to learn about; your personality and personal and professional achievements, what motivates and interests you to study the Master of Leadership for Development course, and how you meet the specific scholarship criteria.

We expect our scholarship award holder to commit to be an outstanding alumni ambassador and contribute positively back to the School, organisations and communities.

When assessing applications we will consider your complete application for the Master of Leadership for Development course, along with the scholarship presentation.

Presentation Format

  1. The presentation should be a maximum of 6 pages/slides
  2. You will not deliver your presentation orally therefore think of the presentation as a `story book'. You are welcome to use diagrams, photographs etc., to illustrate your messages.
  3. We will evaluate the presentation on the content, showing how you meet the scholarship criteria, not on technical expertise.