Honours specialisation

Music Theatre

Application Requirements


For entry into the specialisation, all applicants must meet the standard eligibility for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Degree with Honours), in addition to the requirements below.

See standard eligibility requirements for degree

See how to apply for Bachelor of Fine Arts (Degree with Honours)

Please note, that this specialisation will not be offered in 2023.



Upload a CV and an Honours proposal via the supplementary application form

Honours Proposal

A 1000-word proposal outlining your proposed studio program and research paper.


Audition Requirements

Shortlisted applicants will be required to audition as the final component of the application process.

Your audition will help to scope your major project and dissertation and assess the suitability of your project in terms of resource availability. We will also make an assessment of your ability to complete your project within a practice-led research environment.

You will need to:

  • Demonstrate a very high standard of artistic ability within Music Theatre performance.
  • In addition, if you intend to make work, your audition must include a folio of original works or live performance of original work in the audition.
  • Articulate your area of research as it relates to your creative practice.

You must provide your own accompanist (if required).

The content of your audition material should be chosen to demonstrate skill in music theatre performance, as relevant to your proposed project. It should total 15 minutes duration.

For projects that centre on skills mastery
  • If the aim of your project is to focus on mastery of an aspect of your craft, your audition should demonstrate current skill level in that area through a selection of appropriate material.
For projects that centre on the creation of new work
  • You may choose to perform only samples of your original material.
  • You may choose to perform a mixture of original material to demonstrate creative skill and other repertoires to demonstrate performance skill.
  • Alternatively, you may present a folio of work comprising recordings/showreels of your original compositions, and/or pieces of original writing for performance. In this case, you will still need to perform some material, whether original or not, to demonstrate performance skill.
  • If your work partly or in whole comprises material written by another composer/writer, additional original material (written, musical or choreographic) must be presented or performed that demonstrates how the conceptual framework will define the performance of such work as a research project.
  • If appropriate, include music scores and/or charts of your original works (depending on your background).

Your original material will be evaluated on the level of craft and creativity, and suitability for Music Theatre at the Honours level.