Honours specialisation

Music Theatre


Music Theatre encompasses the three principal disciplines of singing, acting and dance. At the Victorian College of the Arts these are taught as individual crafts and also in combination. Studio practice underpins our training programs, with an emphasis on collaboration and public performance seasons. The program offers you artistic mentorship on an independent project of the your devising and support through seminars, which may be practical in nature, as well as research training and academic supervision.

The cohort may comprise creators and performers of new work, and performers who are dedicated to deepening their skills to develop mastery in an element of Music Theatre performance. VCA Music Theatre embraces diversity in understanding of the Music Theatre genre and welcomes projects that seek to develop and challenge this understanding, while investigating what musical theatre performance at the highest level should entail.

Music Theatre is also available in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre).

Who is this course for?

The course provides an opportunity for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in Music Theatre or in an allied area of performance training, either at the VCA or another institution, to deepen their knowledge and practice in the field of Music Theatre and to develop their research ability