Actuarial Studies

    Major overview


    Actuaries assess, evaluate and manage the financial risks faced by individuals, organisations and governments to plan effectively for the future.

    The risks assessed by actuaries can include illness, disability and death, the effects of natural disasters, and major economic or social change.

    A major in Actuarial Studies will give you a firm grounding in the traditional actuarial skill set of mathematics, statistics, demography, finance and economics.

    This background, coupled with strong analytical skills, sees actuaries serving as financial advisers to a range of organisations including insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, superannuation funds and governments.

    Actuaries tackle many types of problems, most of which involve uncertainty about the future.

    • Develop specialist expertise and knowledge in an area that will fasttrack your high-earning career in the financial sector
    • Gain expertise in core study areas: financial mathematics, life insurance mathematics and actuarial statistics.

    Melbourne is one of only six institutions in Australia that has full accreditation from the Actuaries Institute. The Faculty of Business and Economics is designated as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the US Society of Actuaries.