Major overview


    Wondering what chemistry is all about? The better question is, what isn’t chemistry all about?

    Whether it’s harnessing renewable energy sources, next-gen nanotechnology or new medical breakthroughs, chemistry is an ever-present and vital tool for shaping the  technologies of the future.

    The future of science is multidisciplinary, and chemistry sits at the intersection of so much that will change our world over the coming century.

    The School of Chemistry is a key participant in the Bio21 Institute of Molecular Science & Biotechnology, a major world-class biotechnology initiative in Victoria. New purpose-built research laboratories are located in the Bio21  building and the Chemistry building which has undergone major refurbishments.

    The Chemistry major enables you to view the world from a molecular perspective, and to solve complex problems that span the breadth of chemistry and other sciences. You can choose to specialise in Chemistry or Medicinal Chemistry.