Economists study how people choose to allocate resources. They look at the behaviour of individuals, organisations and governments to understand how markets function.

Economics is essential to modern life. It seeks to understand, assess and explain the mechanisms of markets and national economies.

A major in economics builds problem-solving skills that are applicable to careers in business and government. It will teach you how to analyse and interpret data and will equip you with the tools to find smart solutions for the numerous problems confronting governments and the commercial world.

Three broad areas of study available within the main discipline are:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics.
  • Melbourne has trained economists since 1855
  • Understand how economic welfare, financial markets and government impact income and wealth creation
  • Varied employment opportunities in both the public and private sector

You can study this major in either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Commerce

Students who wish to pursue a major in Economics through the Bachelor of Arts degree are required to meet the mathematics prerequisites as determined by the Faculty of Business and Economics, please view the Bachelor of Commerce to see prerequisites.