Major overview


Effective managers lead businesses and organisations in achieving their goals by bringing people and processes together. Studying management equips you with the leadership, analysis, planning and decision-making skills you need to succeed from day one.

Management studies are an ideal starting point if you are seeking a career:

  • In a consulting firm
  • To advise social enterprises
  • To innovate within an existing organisation
  • To set up your own business
  • In human resource management
  • In international business
  • In operations management
  • In organisation development.

Key management responsibilities can include:

  • Providing direction through leadership, strategic planning, and decision-making
  • Recruiting, training and managing staff, and developing the capabilities of the organisation
  • Developing efficiency, quality, and innovation in operations in a global context.


  • Understand the principles of making good business decisions, managing business operations, dealing with change, thinking globally, and acting ethically
  • Learn about your own personal effectiveness, how to work in teams, and how to solve real organisational problems
  • Enjoy real-world industry experience through capstone subject opportunities in Melbourne and abroad
  • Graduate with career-ready skills, including designing and implementing organisational policies, expertise in employment relations management, strategic planning, persuasive communication, and effective negotiation.