Graduate degree pathway

How to become a speech pathologist


  • 400 hours
    supervised clinical work
  • Professional entry pathway

  • CSP

    Commonwealth Supported Places available
3 years Bachelor degree
2 years Master of Speech Pathology


Speech pathology is the clinical science concerned with the assessment, treatment and management of communication and swallowing disorders in infants, children and adults. Speech pathologists assess and treat disorders of communication in areas such as speech, voice, language and fluency.

As a speech pathologists you will work with people of all ages who are experiencing communication and/or swallowing disorders as a result of illness, injury or disability. Speech pathologists may work in a range of education and health sectors including playgroups, kindergartens, schools, universities, nursing homes, hospitals and community health centres. You may work in the public sector or build your own speech pathology practice in the private sector as a sole therapist or as part of a larger interdisciplinary team. You will likely work alongside physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, audiologists and psychologists.

This profession may be of interest to those with a scientific or linguistics background who are interested in working with people.