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Research has shown that the positive impact of early childhood education lies in the nature, quality and consistency of interactions between educators or their carers, and children.

The Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a) is a set of practical, evidence-based teaching and learning strategies that enhance the quality of interactions with young children and support child development and learning. It is proven to have a positive impact on child, educator and family outcomes, with lasting change in children’s lives both before and after they start school.

This course is for early childhood educators wanting to take the next step in 3a to lead practitioner-level training within their organisations and play an important role in ensuring quality of 3a at an organisational level.

Training includes certification for 12 months and access to the online 3a member community and resources.

Understand the role of the 3a Affiliate Trainer

Drawing on the principles of adult learning, gain a sound understanding of the role and responsibilities of the 3a Affiliate Trainer, including leading practitioner-level training and building and maintaining the quality of 3a at an organisational level.

Deepen knowledge of key elements

Building on the 3a Practitioner training, you will spend time revising key 3a concepts and lexicon, including: Language Priority, Conversational Reading, Learning Games, and Enriched Caregiving.

Plan and facilitate a training session

Drawing on your new skills and knowledge, you'll turn your attention to planning and facilitating a training session, which you could apply in your own setting.

For more information about 3a, including research evidence, detailed training options and resources, see the 3a website.

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The Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) is at the forefront of 3a strategy Australia-wide, and offers three levels of training in 3a. This specialist training is designed to provide practical skills and strategies to implement, train and lead in 3a so you can deliver enhanced educational outcomes. We also offer customised 3a training for organisation-wide delivery. If you are interested in on-site or group training please email 3a-info@unimelb.edu.au

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