Supervising clinical learners is an important part of the work of most health professionals. The need to provide an appropriate learning experience must be balanced with ensuring patient quality and safety is maintained. One of the biggest challenges is doing it efficiently as well as effectively, so that the competing demands of clinicians can be managed.

The Clinical Supervision Online course aims to provide the background, understanding and skills for clinicians to create a learning environment within which their learners thrive. Drawing upon the Melbourne Medical School’s popular Excellence in Clinical Teaching (EXCITE) award courses in clinical education, the focus is on what’s most effective in the healthcare workplace.

Effective and efficient skills in clinical supervision are vital for all clinicians who teach. Patient care is our top priority but we also want to give our learners an excellent training experience.

This new online course from the Melbourne Medical School recognises the time pressures on clinicians and presents models of supervision that are both practical and evidence-based, fitting in neatly to the rhythm of each day. Whether you're between patients, on public transport, or just having a quiet moment to yourself, you can improve your skills a few minutes at a time.


Clinical Supervision Online is designed for all clinicians who teach and/or supervise learners at any level.


  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the principles of successful clinical supervision;
  2. Identify resources and techniques available to support clinical supervisors in their workplace and know how to use them most effectively;
  3. Construct a learner-centred approach to clinical supervision and training that maximises patient safety;
  4. Demonstrate an approach to the provision of feedback to clinical learners that results in performance improvement.


  • Tutorial 1: What is Clinical Supervision?
  • Tutorial 2: A brief look at educational theories
  • Tutorial 3: Coaching Clinical Learners
  • Tutorial 4: Learner centered clinical supervision
  • Tutorial 5: The challenging Learner
  • Tutorial 6: Being a Reflective Supervisor

Delivery Mode

Course completion requires approximately 10 hours. Although most learning will occur as participants apply new techniques to their daily work.

The eLearning package provides complete flexibility for busy clinicians to study in their own time and location. Program materials can be accessed through the eLearning Education app on any device with iOS, Android or Windows systems, or by using a web browser.


This course meets the requirement for 2017 - 2019 triennium, which is a Category 1 (40 points) QI&CPD program.

RACGP QI&CPD Category 1

This course meets the requirement for 2017 - 2019 triennium, which is 10 PDP points program.

ACCRM Accredited Activity

What Participants Say

"The course was fantastic. It had a sound theoretical framework and delivered highly relevant and practical strategies to use as a clinical supervisor. Being online also was highly accessible and time-friendly. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend the course to anyone involved with clinical supervision."


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Course Information


Course Fee: $350.00 (incl GST) (For discounted group rates for hospitals, schools or clinics please contact us This course is online and you can commence anytime. You can complete this course in your own timeframe and most students will formally finish the course within a 12 month period. Once you have registered for the course, you will have lifetime access to the course content.)



Entry requirements

The course is open to all clinicians who teach and/or supervise learners at any level


Assessment is submission of the eLearning self-assessments contained within the course, as well as submission of 10 case studies. A Certificate of Completion is provided upon satisfactorily completing the course.