What you will learn

Gain contemporary skills and knowledge.

An understanding of imaging modalities and how they are used can help physiotherapists drive better patient outcomes.

This short course is for physiotherapists who want to build on their knowledge of radiology particularly as it applies to the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

Radiology for Physiotherapists is an award subject of the University of Melbourne that has been made available on a single subject basis.

Advance your knowledge of imaging modalities and interpretation

A key focus of this course is image interpretation using a variety of imaging modalities, including x-ray, CT scans, MRI and Ultrasound, to explore normal anatomy and pathological findings.

Understand when and how to use imaging

Gain a better appreciation of when to use imaging, which imaging modality to use for particular conditions, and when onward referral to another clinician may be more appropriate.

Develop your understanding of radiology reports

Advance your understanding of the interpretation and clinical implications of radiological findings. Gain a better understanding of radiology reports to be able to correlate findings with images.


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$3,620 AUD (exc GST)

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14 February – 27 February 2023

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