Bachelor of Music (Interactive Composition)

Important! Please make sure you have read the How to Apply information for this course prior to reading the audition requirements below.

Audition dates

2022 Start Year Intake

Audition dates and requirements for the 2022 start year intake are yet to be determined.

The below audition requirements describe the 2021 start year intake process during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Audition requirements

Applicants will be required to demonstrate their creative skills as interactive composers by undertaking the following tasks in the supplementary application form:

Interactive Composition folio

Upload 3-4 original audio and/or audio-visual recordings of compositions, as either full works or sections of works, no more than 8 minutes in total.

You must include at least one example of music work for other media such as music for film, animation, gaming, interactive media, theatre, dance, visual art and lighting design.

You may include original music from any source such as pop songs, concert music, band music, film music, laptop performance, electronic performance (such as EDM or hip hop genres), music theatre, music for dance or other media such as games, advertising and web use.

Your folio should contain a notated music score of at least one of your original works.

Your folio will be evaluated on the level of music and sound craft, creativity and technique, within an interactive composition context.

Creative Task

You will be asked to complete an interactive composition creative task which will be available to you within the supplementary application form.

Your response will be evaluated on your demonstrated ability to find creative music and sound solutions with other media. Your response can be verbally recorded and uploaded via the supplementary form.


You will need to upload one video recording of you performing one of your own works (no edits) of 2-3 minutes duration.

Your work may be instrumental, vocal, and/or electronic, such as an EDM interface/laptop performance.

You must also demonstrate your practical understanding of contemporary performance and your level of ability as a performer.

Your performance will be evaluated on your demonstrated ability as a performer of original music.