Bachelor of Music (Interactive Composition)

Audition dates

Applying for 2021 Semester 1 intake (February)

Live auditions will be held in late November 2020. Recorded auditions must be submitted in mid-November 2020.

Audition requirements

Mid-Year entry: Applicants must submit a recorded audition and folio following the Audition Requirement guidelines below.

Start Year entry: Applicants will be required to demonstrate their creative skills as interactive composers by undertaking the following tasks (your audition will run for approximately 20 mins):

1. Interactive Composition folio

  • Should be no more than 8 minutes in length comprising of 3-4 original works (either as full works or sections thereof). Your original work can be any source such as pop songs, concert music, band music, film music, laptop performance, electronic performance (such as EDM or hip hop genres), music theatre, music for dance or other media such as games, advertising and web use.
  • Should contain an audio-visual piece with an example of your original sound work for/with other media such as sound/music with film, animation, location installation, gaming, interactive media, theatre, dance, visual art and lighting design.
  • Should contain a notated music score of at least one of your original works.

Start-Year: Folio should be brought to the audition on an external hard drive, USB memory stick, or your own portable device such as phone, tablet or laptop.

Your folio will be evaluated on the level of music and sound craft, creativity and technique, within an interactive composition context.

2. Creative task

  • You will be asked to complete an interactive composition creative task which will be made available to you before the audition/interview - details to be advised.

Your response will be evaluated on your demonstrated ability to find creative music and sound solutions with other media in real time. Your response can be recorded and uploaded for mid-year and international applicants via SlideRoom.

3. Performance

  • You will need to perform one of your works (approximately 2 minutes).
  • Your work may be instrumental, vocal, and/or electronic, such as a laptop performance or DJ mixing.
  • You must also demonstrate your practical understanding of contemporary performance and your level of ability as a performer.

Your performance will be evaluated on your demonstrated ability as a performer of new music and can be recorded for mid-year and international applications and uploaded via SlideRoom.

Please note for live auditions: you will have very little set up time. Audio visual recordings must be presented in QuickTime format (for film/ video) via external hard drive or USB memory stick, or with a playback device such as an iPod, iPad or laptop. On the day, you will have the use of our piano and a bass or guitar amplifier and mini jack connection for device playback.

Can't attend the audition?

While we strongly recommend all applicants attend a live audition, applicants who are applying for mid-year entry, who are overseas, interstate or in regional Victoria may alternatively submit a recorded audition/folio upload via their Audition Application Form on SlideRoom. Please indicate your availability in the SlideRoom form.

Applicants will prepare their audition and folio content as above and be sent further instructions regarding the creative task and submission method after the application closing date.

Transferring courses

If you would like to transfer to another Faculty of Fine Arts and Music course, you need to re-apply and ensure you meet that course’s entry requirements in order to be selected.

You can find these requirements on every course page.

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