Master of Music (Opera Performance)

Important! Please make sure you have read the How to Apply information for this course prior to reading the audition requirements below.

2023 Start Year Intake

Audition requirements

Singer applicants should prepare and submit a recorded audition program up to 25 minutes in length, of 5 works including:

  • three arias, one of which must be in Italian
  • two songs, one of which must be in English

Repetiteur applicants should prepare an audition program of one solo piano piece or movement of a work (own choice) and the following operatic excerpts:

  • Mozart - 2 passages from Don Giovanni Act 2 Finale (No. 24)1. "Gia la mensa preparata" - "Piatto! Servo!"2. "Da qual tremore insolito" - "Ah! dov'รจ il perfido?""
  • Bizet - Carmen, Act 2 Finale (No. 18). Schirmer, pages 213 - 236

The applicant should play and to sing any of the vocal lines in Italian (Mozart) and French (Bizet) while playing the score. The audition panel would like to hear a full selection of the prepared repertoire.

Repetiteur applicants are advised to email the program coordinator, Professor Jane Davidson, so that specific recommendations can be made on the preparation of these materials.

All applicants please note:

* Each aria, song or piano piece must be recorded in one take. The constituent items of the audition submission can be recorded on separate occasions, but the individual pieces within the submission need to be recorded in an unedited video format.

* If the video file exceeds 250MB, it must be uploaded it to a video platform such as YouTube or Vimeo and submit the URL link.

* Ensure that the video submitted is not private or password-protected.

* Recordings must be made no earlier than 6 months prior to the application deadline.