2021 Student contribution amounts

The following student contribution amounts are for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

CSP student contribution rates for students commencing in 2021
Band 1 - $3,950.00 or $493 for 12.5 pt unit Band 2 - $7,950.00 or $993 for 12.5 pt unit Band 3 - $11,300.00 or $1,412 for 12.5 pt unit Band 4 - $14,500.00 or $1,812 for 12.5 pt unit
Education Allied Health Medicine Accounting
Clinical Psychology Other Health Dentistry Administration
English Architecture Vet Science Economics
Mathematics Built Environment  Commerce
Statistics Computing  Communications
Nursing Engineering  Society and Culture
Foreign Languages Surveying Law
Agriculture Environmental Studies  
 Visual and Performing Arts  
 Pathway Psychology  
 Professional Pathway Social Work  
CSP student contribution for grandfathered students
$6,804 or $850 for 12.5 pt unit $11,355 or $1,419 for 12.5 pt unit
Communications Accounting
Society and Culture Administration
Visual and Performing Arts Economics
Professional Pathway Psychology Commerce
Professional Pathway Social Work