Fees and payments

Graduate research

Your fees will vary depending on the graduate research degree you choose and whether you receive a tuition fee-remission scholarship. There's also additional expenses you'll need to consider, including Overseas Student Health Cover, course materials, accommodation and other living costs.

Tuition fees

International fee place

Tuition fees are based on the course you choose and your study load. The total fees you'll pay yearly will depend on your total study load for the year.

If you receive a tuition fee-remission scholarship, you'll be exempt for paying fees for your course. This exemption is valid for up to four years if you're enrolled in a doctoral program and up to two years if you're enrolled in a Masters degree.

It's also important you read and understand the University's current tuition fee terms and conditions before accepting your offer and enrolling in a degree.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

As a full-fee paying student, you won't need to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). This is covered by the University.

Fee payments

For graduate research (RHD) students, tuition fees are charged on a daily pro-rata basis during the period of your enrolment. You will receive an invoice twice per year for each day you are enrolled in research Semester 1 (1 January-30 June) and research Semester 2 (1 July-31 December).

If you are a commencing research student who enrols after a research semester commencement date, your first research semester fees will be adjusted to take account of the number of days you will actually be enrolled in that semester. Similarly, once you submit your thesis any refund of fees paid in advance will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis.

Overseas Student Health Cover

You're also required to take out compulsory overseas health insurance as a condition of your visa. You need to have this in place for the duration of your stay. This will cover any medical treatment or emergency care needed when in Australia for you and family members with you in Australia.

If you receive a Graduate Research Scholarship, you will only need to pay Overseas Student Health Cover for any family members who accompany you to Australia.

Find out more about OSHC

International program costs

If you're part of a program for international students, there may be additional costs associated with these programs.

Exchange and Study Abroad

A fee may be charged for participation in the Melbourne Exchange and Study Abroad Research program. Costs for this program may be covered by your University of Melbourne graduate school, home institution or Study Abroad provider.

See Exchange and Study Abroad

Language and academic skills programs

You can develop your academic skills by accessing individual tutoring, attending workshops and short courses to improve your researching, writing, exam preparation, and oral presentation skills. Talk to our student support team to find out your options.

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Other expenses

You also need to factor in additional expenses associated with your course, including the cost of textbooks, equipment, technology, resources for special projects and excursions. There will also be additional costs living in Melbourne, including accommodation, food, weekly bills, transport, social activities and club memberships.

For help budgeting for study at Melbourne, see Financial aid


You can find fees owing on your Statement of Liability with due dates and instructions on how to pay.

Tuition fees

If you do not receive a tuition fee-remission scholarship, you'll need to pay a minimum deposit payment of $AUD 10,000 by the date specified in your offer letter to confirm acceptance of your offer.

The $10,000 payment is credited towards your tuition fees as your first instalment. Once you have enrolled, an invoice for the balance of your tuition fees for the semester (or study period) will be available via your student account and you'll be required to pay by the date specified on the invoice.

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Up-front payments

If you want to pay any fees up front, you can pay online or over the phone using BPAY®. To find out how, login to your student account, view your Statement of Liability and follow the instruction on how to pay.

See Students - Pay my fees

Unpaid fees and refunds

If your fees remain unpaid, your enrolment will be cancelled and you'll need to reapply for the course. You'll remain liable for any outstanding debt. There are some circumstances you may be able to request a refund.

To find out what these are, see Section 3: Refund policy - Terms and conditions.

Also read our student loans, fees and charges policy

Funding your studies

Scholarships and bursaries

We offer a range scholarships and bursaries that can help you with tuition and living costs while you're at Melbourne. Some scholarships may offer fee remissions. Others are one-off grants to help with the cost of living while you study.

See Melbourne Scholarships

You can also find out more about research scholarships and funding opportunities on our Research website.

Financial aid and support

Our financial services can also give you advice on scholarships, grants and how to budget for living and studying in Australia.

See Financial aid

Visit our Research website

If you need more information on research funding, applications, faculties, industry connections and more, check out our University of Melbourne research website.

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