Indicative Turnaround Times for course applications made directly to the University

Your application will be assessed faster if you apply for one intake and provide all the requirement information at the time of application. If your application is put on hold to request missing information or documents the turn-around times listed on this page will not apply.

Current intake

Type of course applied for Indicative turnaround time (time to receive an outcome)*
Undergraduate 2 - 4 weeks
Graduate coursework 4 - 8 weeks
Graduate Research 8 - 12 weeks

* The indicative turnaround times listed above will not be relevant if: the course makes selection decisions only at set times during the year during selection rounds, or if results of admissions tests are required and have not yet been released (e.g. GMAT, LSAT).

Future intakes

If you have applied for a future intake for which selection has not yet commenced, the indicative turnaround timeframes above should be applied from the date assessment commences for that intake rather than the date you submitted your application. The following table details the month when assessment of your application is likely to commence based on the intake applied for.

Start Year intake (Feb/March)

Mid Year intake (July)

All other degrees

August of the preceding year

March of that year