Accommodation options

The University of Melbourne offers study abroad and exchange students a range of accommodation options to suit different personalities, budgets and lifestyles.

Housing Type Applications open Applications close
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
Residential Colleges There are no deadlines for Residential College applications. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to allow enough time to find suitable accommodation.
University Accommodation (Lisa Bellear House, Lincoln House, etc) September  September  When allocation has been reached
Shared housing There are no deadlines for shared housing: Students are encouraged to arrive several weeks before orientation to allow enough time to find suitable accommodation.

There are several accommodation options you can choose from when you apply for an Exchange or Overseas Abroad program.

Access a range of trusted, University-operated and partnered accommodation, available exclusively to students. Life in University Accommodation offers a complete residential experience, connected to the University. Dedicated staff are also available to support you while you study.

Explore University Accommodation

There are ten Colleges on campus for you to choose from, each with its own unique community spirit, and each offering a supportive environment that will help you to make lifelong friends, build lasting connections, and become part of a strong global network.

Learn more about Residential Colleges

Located on the edge of the CBD the University of Melbourne is well placed to take advantage of the many opportunities that the City of Melbourne has to offer with different options to suit your needs. The private rental options around the University have evolved into a network of private accommodation providers, hostels and share houses.

When looking for accommodation, things you should consider include:

  • the length of your stay, as many housing options are suited to tenancy periods of six months or more
  • your personal budget and the cost of living in Melbourne
  • lifestyle preferences - communal or independent living
  • location - particularly suburbs which are accessible to campus by public transport
  • tenancy rights - Tenancy agreements are legally binding documents. Understanding your tenancy rights and duties will help you manage your housing and communicate with your landlord with more confidence. Visit Tenancy Victoria for more information
  • check with your home institution to see if there are any accommodation requirements, as occasionally your home institution may have preference for where you stay.