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Bachelor degrees

Bachelor degrees are three year undergraduate courses offering a flexible curriculum where you can try different subjects and specialise in your study area.

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Honours degrees

An Honours Degree is an extra year of study on top of your three year Bachelor course and is designed to qualify you for higher degrees (PhD or Research Masters). It gives you advanced research, analytical and communications skills, plus greater experience working on independent projects. It can also reduce the length of time by up to a year for some Masters degrees offered by Melbourne.

If you want to do Honours, you need to apply for this towards the end of your undergraduate degree.

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Diploma in General Studies

If you need a year to decide what to do next, and you want it to count, choose the Diploma in General Studies. It's a sampler of a Melbourne Bachelor degree. You can study single subjects or gain a recognised diploma qualification.

Successfully completing subjects through the course can help you satisfy subject prerequisites and may also guarantee you entry into a Melbourne agriculture, biomedicine, commerce, design or science degree.

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Concurrent Diplomas

If you want to develop detailed knowledge in an area outside your main study discipline, you can also do a Concurrent Diploma. It's a diploma-level qualification and usually involves an additional year of full-time study. You can do it at the same time as your degree.

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