Doctoral Programs

Find out how you can impact some of our biggest contemporary challenges.

A research degree in business and economics at the University of Melbourne means you will be working beside many of the most gifted researchers and brightest talents in your field.

Doctoral Program with Coursework

2 years

Master of Commerce

3 years

Doctor of Philosophy

Our 5-year Doctoral Programs commence with 2 years specialist coursework followed by 3 years of thesis research. Funding support for competitive applicants includes up to 5.5 years stipend and 6 years full fee remission scholarships. The award-winning research and research training profiles of our academics ensure that expert supervision underpins the entire doctoral experience for our graduate researchers. Industry placements, research travel and opportunities to publish in leading journals are only some of the research activities highly encouraged and generously funded throughout the PhD.

Doctoral Program (Direct Entry)

3 years

Doctor of Philosophy

Our 3-year Doctoral Programs are exclusively available in Actuarial Studies, Business Administrations and in Analytics. Admission to these programs is extremely competitive and places are very limited. Funding support includes a stipend scholarship for up to 3.5 years and full fee remission scholarship for 4 years. Under the supervision of internationally renowned researchers, our graduate researchers produce cutting-edge research, and receive generous funding and mentoring towards securing job market placements in leading academic institutions and organisations worldwide.

Unique 5-year program

We are the only Australian Faculty of Business and Economics that offers a suite of fully-funded 5-year doctoral programs across all of our major disciplines. The University of Melbourne adopts this global best-practice approach to doctoral business education to guarantee our graduates are highly competitive for job market placements in leading international academic, public, and private sector job markets.


The Melbourne Experience offers students full financial support for the duration of the program, unlike any other PhD program in Australasia. Each scholarship is for the duration of any FBE Doctoral Program (up to 5.5 years guaranteed with the possibility of a further 6-month extension) and covers tuition fees and a generous living stipend. All post-Confirmation graduate researchers have access to AUD $15,000 funding for research-related purposes. There are many other opportunities available, including industry internships.

Proven career outcomes

Our alumni have gone on to pursue a career in academia or in specialist professional roles at many of the most influential institutions across North America, the UK, Europe and Australasia. With that in mind, our doctoral programs are designed for applicants with outstanding academic qualifications and a passion for research and intellectual inquiry. At Melbourne, we develop impactful global research leaders. We train you to become your best research self - fully equipped for challenging roles in academia, government and industry.

A rounded experience

PhD candidates are given extensive research training to ensure they are job ready. Candidates have the opportunity to teach or apply for research assistantships to work with experts in the field. There is also a strong support network in the form of the dedicated PhD Students Society and a supervisory group who have travelled the same path as our candidates.