Frequently asked questions

These FAQs are about the online Employment Fundamentals series and the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills.

  • Each series and their respective modules are available to current University of Melbourne students and are designed to bridge gaps in your current learning. For example, the Business Fundamentals series would benefit students from any background looking to develop an understanding of not only the language of business but also the tools employed in the commercial sector to address practical issues facing all businesses on a day-to-day basis.
  • Each series was created to give you additional, complementary skills that you may not be currently getting from your enrolled studies. The series may allow you to broaden your skill-set to add to your CV.
  • Students that seek to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills must complete the Employment Fundamentals series and associated exams. You need to complete and pass a minimum of two online series as well as the associated exams for your chosen series. If you’re not sure at this stage if you would like to apply for the Graduate Certificate, that’s ok! The online series and exams are freely available with no obligation to apply.
  • When selecting a series to enrol in, each student should ask themselves: ‘what area have I not covered in my current degree?’.
  • If you have access to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), you can enrol.
  • A series consists of four online modules available in a self-enrol community on the University’s instance of the Canvas LMS. The four modules are based on key topics within each series.
  • There is an associated exam that follows each series. Only students that seek to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills should complete this exam.
  • These series are complementary to undergraduate studies and cannot be taken as breadth. Enrolment in these series is separate to enrolment in subjects at the University.
  • If you are an undergraduate student, we recommend completing the online series and associated exams alongside or after your 2nd year of undergraduate study. However, if you are a first or final year undergraduate student and can fit this into your study schedule, you are permitted to do so. If you are a postgraduate student, you can complete the program whenever suits your study schedule.
  • You should sit the exam associated with the teaching period you enrolled in.
  • You will receive a certificate if you complete and pass an online series. You will receive a separate certificate if you complete and pass the associated exam.
  • You will be eligible to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills if you complete and pass two online series and their associated exams along with meeting the other entry requirements for this course.
  • Each of the four modules in a series contains four topics. There are 16 topics of content in each series. Each topic should take 3 to 5 hours to complete.
  • A series should be completed over a 4-week teaching period. There is generally a one-week pre-teaching period prior. The exams will usually be held 1-2 weeks after the teaching period.
  • You can work through the content at your own pace however, you should follow the hard deadlines communicated to you within the self-enrol community.
  • You can complete the modules within a series concurrently or one at a time.
  • We recommend completing one series at a time.

If you have questions about the content, you are encouraged to seek help from fellow classmates in the discussion forums within the LMS sites for each online series. Teaching Assistants will also monitor these discussion forums.

To determine how we can accommodate your alternative study and/or exam adjustments please follow the instructions in the LMS site for your chosen series.

  • The series assessments include a range of online quizzes.
  • You need to pass all assessment in the online series in order to sit the associated digital exam.
  • You must achieve 50% or higher in order to pass the associated exam.

These exams are open book digital exams hosted in the Canvas LMS. The exams are generally 3 hours long, plus 15 minutes of reading time. Open book means you will have access to the LMS, and other materials deemed necessary for you to complete the exams. The exams will include a combination of multiple-choice and short answer questions. You will borrow a University Chromebook laptop in order to complete these exams at a venue on the Parkville campus.

  • There are no consequences if you do not pass the series or exams, however, you will not be eligible to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills until you pass.
  • You may reattempt the online series and exams at another time.
  • Your results in the online series and associated exams will not impact the Weighted Average Mark for your degree.

Unlike regular University subjects and because these exams are optional, registrations are required. You can register by following the instructions in the LMS site for each online series.

Enrolment in these series is separate to enrolment in subjects at the University, therefore they will not appear on your current study plan.

Read the instructions on how to enrol

  1. To unenrol, go to your dashboard.
  2. Use the cog to the top-right of the series listing and click "Drop Course". Once you unenrol it may not be possible to restore your progress or enrolment if you change your mind.
  3. You'll get a confirmation screen. Click "Drop".
  4. You'll be taken back to your dashboard, where you'll note the series is no longer listed.

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