Komala Murugiah: Master of Education student

Komala knew that she had made the right decision to relocate to Melbourne for her graduate studies in education when she stood in front of the University crest, which says, ‘Postera crescam laude’, and translates to, ‘Grow in the esteem of future generations’.

Komala, an international student from Singapore and a Bachelor of Science graduate, was attracted to studying a Master of Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) based on the school’s global reputation for teaching and research.

“I was drawn to MGSE as the scope of my search for graduate schools narrowed to a school that takes a lead in research and teaching, globally,” says Komala.

Komala explains that she would recommend the program to those with previous experience who are interested in designing a unique pathway to advance their career.

“I would recommend the Master of Education program to those who are looking to exercise choice in the pathway they’d like to be on, especially if they’ve gained a variety of experience in teaching, training, learning and development,” she says.

“This would be a place for someone who is keen on opportunities to expand and sustain their ability to think, discuss and write reflectively and critically, and get connected to a vast pool of committed minds.”

Coming from a diverse background of work experience and volunteering around the world – from working with those from disadvantaged backgrounds to being an instructional designer – Komala decided to study two Master of Education specialisations that built and expanded upon her previous experience - Equity, Diversity and Social Change and Policy in a Global Context.

For Komala, the most rewarding aspects of her studies are the connections that she has made to other people and the opportunities that are available to her.

“The people I get to meet through lectures, talks and events along with opportunities available to me, are my top favourite things about studying at MGSE,” she says.

Komala has been awarded both the MGSE Bank First Volunteer Award and the Melbourne Global Scholar Award during her time at MGSE.

“Both awards are affirmative, empowering, and motivational for me as I move ahead with my academic goals,” she explains.

As an advocate of lifelong learning, Komala says that the Master of Education has supported her as she moves more deeply into both research and its application.

“Pursuing the Master of Education serves as a stepping stone for me, moving towards research, application and teaching. It has brought to light an interest and ability to impart knowledge and taps on existing skills while encouraging me to explore new avenues of building expertise as a form of life-long learning practice,” she says.

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