Meet Alice Vo: Bachelor of Commerce student

Alice Vo is a Bachelor of Commerce student who participated in the Trinity College Foundation Studies program. We have asked Alice about her experience at UniMelb and how she has made the most of being an international student during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q&A with Alice

How did Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) to prepare you for your undergraduate study?

They focus on a lot of valuable skills for students, which have supported me throughout my UniMelb experience. One of the skills I appreciated the most was 'critical thinking' as I draw upon it a lot when studying the Bachelor of Commerce.

What was your favourite subject during the TCFS program, and why?

My favourite subject was Literature as I am a fan of poems, books and anything that is related to literature. I was able to develop a deeper understanding of a lot of amazing writings such as Romeo and Juliet. Also my teacher was very nice and caring, as she always supported my ideas and helped me develop skills that I was missing.

What was your favourite thing about being a TCFS student?

The best thing about being a TCFS student was all the new people I got to meet and the chance to create a strong relationship with both fellow students and staff. I feel like TCFS is my family away from home and I never felt left out. I have developed great friendships and always felt that I had someone to go to when I needed help.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Melbourne?

The major I wanted to study is highly ranked at UniMelb and they also have a high quality of teaching. This was made evident when I became a student as there is amazing staff that support international students.

What has the highlight of your Melbourne experience been so far?

I have had the opportunity to do a lot of volunteering. My most memorable volunteering experience was when I had the chance to participate in the Walk For Mental Health event. I learnt many new things from that event and it helped me to understand the seriousness of mental health, which is missing in my country.

How do you get involved in University life outside of the classroom?

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak I am staying at home. However, I still made a lot of friends who are in the same situation as me and, when we have the opportunity, we go out together. I have also participated in sports and have continued to learn new skills throughout my UniMelb experience.

What is your advice for future students studying online?

Be CONFIDENT! It is hard to communicate with each other when everyone is silent. There are many people who are there to support us, but before they can do that we need to speak up. Also, it is okay to make mistakes because we learn from them, so don’t be shy.

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