Meet Luv Golecha: Bachelor of Science student

From India, Luv Golecha's childhood dream was to be an astronaut and walk in space.  He is now living in Melbourne and studying a Bachelor of Science.

When Luv Golecha made the decision to study overseas, he quickly set his sights on Australia’s top university – the University of Melbourne.

“I only wanted to come for the best,” Luv explains.

“After researching and talking to relatives, I chose Melbourne because of the flexibility in the curriculum, the extensive array of subjects to choose from, top of-field staff, and of course, the massive campus”.

However, like many international students, Luv’s plans to move to Australia were altered by the pandemic. While waiting for a visa, he began his Bachelor of Science 10,000km away in Ahmedabad, India. This soon proved to be only a minor setback for the ambitious student.

“I quickly adjusted to the time difference and the professors were really great and helpful,” says Luv.

Being surrounded by like-minded people made it easy to connect and socialise. Despite being online, I still made some good friends.

“For me, the most interesting thing has been connecting with students with similar or completely different fields -  the viewpoints you receive, the new perspectives, and a lot of new experiences.”

Now that Luv has relocated to Australia, he is looking forward to making Melbourne’s campus his home and further challenging himself in the pursuit of his dreams.

“This is going be a huge, huge thing for me,” he says.

“This is a part of my dream, and you cannot just achieve a dream without making sacrifices or doing something different from your competitors.”

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