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Grow your engineering expertise to fast-track your career, gain expertise in leading projects and solving contemporary organisational challenges.

Our courses are designed for qualified engineers looking to change their field of work or advance in their careers. Benefit from upskilling to ensure are equipped with the skills to deal with the digital revolution and technological advancements. Our Industry connections help secure student internships and job opportunities, or the funds to get started, with scholarships and bursaries to get you connected overseas.

Master of Engineering Management

Be guided in developing your technical problem-solving skills and the business skills needed to manage people, projects and resources in complex organisational settings. 1 year full time or 2 years part time, on campus (Parkville).

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Master of Energy Systems

Influence, change and guide critical decision-making in the energy sector. Develop the unique set of skills required to analyse energy systems from a technical, commercial and policy standpoint. 18 months full time or 3 years part time, on campus (Parkville).

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Master of Engineering Structures

Learn to design, plan and construct sustainable, resilient structures that can withstand extreme events. This course is designed for qualified engineers who are looking to change their field of work or advance their careers. 1 year full time or 2 years part time, on campus (Parkville).

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Master of Environmental Systems Engineering

Designed for qualified engineers who are looking to change their field of work or advance in their careers. Design solutions to the challenges facing our world in water resource management, energy, bushfire management and climate change. 1 year full time, on campus (Parkville).

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Graduate Certificate in Digital Engineering (Infrastructure)

With a booming infrastructure sector in Australia and the increasing use of digital tools, digital engineering skills are highly sought-after, offering you a wealth of opportunities to advance your career in several highly-skilled professions, including urban design, software and civil engineering, architecture, and multiple roles in Building Information Modelling. 1 year part time, on campus (Parkville).

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Master of Energy Systems

Rosa Belinda

"I was drawn to this course’s multidisciplinary view on the energy sector … the technical, the commercial and the policy standpoints, she says. There are numerous opportunities offered by the University to expand your knowledge beyond the materials offered in the class, such as seminars, workshops and short courses offered by Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI). These give us an overview of what is happening in the real world. Added to this, our lecturers are very supportive and helpful, especially during the transition to the virtual campus because of COVID-19. They made this incredibly smooth, providing us with learning materials and assignments while challenging us to think critically and communicate our ideas effectively."

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