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From ecology and nanotechnology to astrophysics and clinical research, a Master of Science degree will help you develop expertise in a broad range of occupations. Graduates are equipped to join industries and organisations as diverse as Research Institutes or Hospitals, Government, Mining, Engineering, Teaching, IT and Finance.

Master of Science (Bioinformatics)

Use techniques from computer science and statistics to unlock secrets hidden within biological data.

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Master of Science (BioSciences)

Choose from our bioscience disciplines and work with renowned researchers in this uniquely collaborative course.

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Master of Science (Chemistry)

Join a cutting-edge research group, learning alongside world leaders in areas like molecular analysis, drug discovery, materials science, sustainable energy and nanotechnology.

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Master of Science (Earth Sciences)

Choose between geology and atmospheric science to explore our planet from deep beneath the lithosphere, or out into the atmosphere.

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Master of Science (Epidemiology)

Become a medical detective, using maths, data, and an understanding of clinical research and practice to figure out who gets sick, what causes diseases and how they can be prevented.

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Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics)

Take your expertise to the next level and get ready for a specialist role in the workforce or graduate research in the field.

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Master of Science (Physics)

Make innovative discoveries as part of a groundbreaking research team in astrophysics, theoretical particle physics or experimental particle physics.

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Master of Geography

Bridge the gap between social and natural sciences, helping to lead an impactful response to the societal, economic and political challenges we face.

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  • Choose from eight specialisations across different areas in science
  • Mentoring from leading academics actively engaged in cutting-edge research
  • Graduate career-ready and in-demand across multiple fields
  • Interesting, relevant research projects and exciting industry opportunities.

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Master of Science (Chemistry)


“My biggest advice would be to always follow your interests and dare I say, passion. There's no point pursuing something that doesn't excite you or inspire you. If you think science is where you can contribute to the world, then by all means: pursue it. If it feels right, you should do it. It’s going to be your life to live.”