Professional Graduate Degrees

Get the full benefit of a Graduate School experience by studying intensively, in small classes led by experts and alongside others who share your deep interests and desires to succeed.

You will work towards a professional qualification (for example through an engineering or teaching stream), or join our world-changing researchers with a graduate research degree.

Your graduate degree will be internationally recognised, and set you apart from those who study a traditional Australian single or double degree.

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You can choose from over 400 graduate courses in 18 graduate schools. You might have guaranteed entry through one of our Graduate Degree Packages, or you might have completed your undergraduate degree and have fallen in love with an area you never even knew existed when you started. Or, you might have studied your undergraduate degree at another institution and are looking for a genuine grad school experience to give the edge in an ever-competitive jobs market.

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Employers look for people with a proven commitment to their chosen field, and who have that 'extra' level of insight. As a graduate of the University of Melbourne you'll be seen as a world-ready, self-directed learner with breadth and depth in your chosen discipline.

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