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Flexible and Focused

It begins with your undergraduate degree. Whether you already have your career path mapped out, or are open to new possibilities, you can tailor your studies to suit your interests and goals. Your first degree at Melbourne is flexible yet focused.

You can focus on your chosen career from day one, or keep your options open and explore a range of subjects before deciding. If you change your mind along the way, that’s OK – in many of our degrees it’s easy to pursue a new direction.

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Your Major

In your undergraduate (bachelors) degree, you'll develop a deep understanding of a particular study area from first to third year. This core study area is called your 'major'. With nearly 100 major fields of study to choose from, you can select a major that fits with your career aspirations and study it in depth to develop specialised knowledge.

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Gain an edge with breadth

While you focus your undergraduate study through your major, you can invent and explore your own side-curriculum through breadth subjects. This gives you independent learning skills (that employers love) and broadens your learning.

Breadth subjects add-value to your major — or help you learn more about you. Or both!

Adding value to your major: You might major in science, but take breadth in Mandarin Chinese - a great choice for a science fan looking to work internationally.

Learning more about you: Some of our students find that after taking a breadth subject, they discover a passion they’d never known about and change their career plans!

Earn an extra qualification

Concurrent diplomas allow you to study an extra qualification alongside your degree. This can enhance your employability and allow you to develop detailed knowledge in an area outside your main area of study. Want to be an economics reporter with first-class programming skills or a side gig playing the cello? Explore our concurrent diplomas:

Extend your knowledge with honours

Honours is a fourth year of study that draws together the theory and practical skills gained in your degree. It enables you to develop new research and professional skills, and gain in-depth knowledge in your particular study area.

During your honours year you would normally complete an individual research project, as well as attend classes and complete assignments at an advanced level.

Honours is available in the following degrees:

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As a graduate of the University of Melbourne you'll be seen as a world-ready, self-directed learner with breadth and depth in your chosen discipline.

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Professional Graduate Degrees

Undertake intensive, discipline focused study with a graduate degree and gain specialised skills and knowledge in your career.

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Research higher degrees

Join one of our world-renowned research teams, with access to dedicated research centres, advanced research facilities, generous scholarships, unique professional development and established student support networks.

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