Reputation for excellence

Every university will tell you they’re great.

And everyone looking to choose a university will ask themselves the same questions. You’ve probably asked them yourself: Where do I want to live? Who do I want to learn from? Where will I find the university that will meet my expectations? And exceed them?

We’ve answered these questions for you – based on the facts, backed up by international rankings, endorsed by our students’ experiences and the assessments of the people who employ our graduates. And as for curriculum and location – they speak for themselves.

Ranked #1 in Australia for teaching quality

The best universities attract the best teachers. And the best students. At Melbourne, you’ll find your people. They’ll be at the front of the class, and beside you in class. You’ll be studying with exceptional teachers and students, working together to imagine, challenge and inspire one another to discover and share new and bold ideas.

  • # 1 in Australia
  • # 31 in the world
  • # 7 in the world for graduate employability

Rankings in detail

Find your people

Excellence attracts excellence. We’re proud to offer some of the most in-demand degrees in the country. You’ll collaborate in class or in the lab with inspiring, ambitious peers who worked hard to get to Melbourne and want to make the most of every opportunity.

One of the most important reasons Melbourne degrees are successful is that you learn to work with people who are equally driven, but very different to you. They will challenge you to grow and support you in every new endeavour.

Using electrical engineering to develop real-life solutions

After studying the Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne, Dhanuka Nanayakkara’s interest in computers and electronic devices led him to study the Master of Engineering (Electrical). In his final year project, Dhanuka collaborated with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) to develop a real-time locating solution called the Live Emergency Personnel Tracking (LEPT) system. The system is designed to track firefighters and other deployed personnel during emergency situations, such as bushfires or structural fires. Dhanuka is now a Consultant at KPMG Australia.

The discovery shedding light on birth defects

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have unpicked our decades-long understanding of how babies develop in utero, revealing more about how birth defects may occur.

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