International students - get ready to relocate to Melbourne

Everything you need to know to start studying with us

Arrange a visa, health cover, flights and accommodation.

Apply for a student visa

If you’re from overseas, on exchange, or a visiting research student, you may need a student visa. We have a range of online resources to help you navigate the student visa process.

Student Health Cover

Obtaining health cover is a requirement of your student visa. Bupa is the University of Melbourne's preferred provider, offering on-campus support and a policy designed for students.

Find a place to stay

Take the stress out of securing safe and welcoming student accommodation with our range of housing options. Close to our Parkville campus, with different prices and facilities close to suit all requirements.

Book your flight

Arrive at least two weeks before your first day of class. Our travel partner is UniTravel, who have discounted airfares, rebooking flight support and up-to-date travel advice. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone +61 3 9035 5666 or email.

Book your airport pick-up

The University offers an airport pickup for international students who are new to Melbourne.

Australian bank accounts

There are two Australian banks that allow you to set up a bank account outside of Australia, National Australia Bank (NAB) and HSBC. Once in Australia, you can choose any bank to set up an account with.

What to bring to Australia

Most airlines allow you 20kg so packing lightly saves you extra fees. Melbourne’s climate is temperate but variable. It can be hot and humid one day, then cold and rainy the next.

Plan on working in Australia?

You'll need to apply for an Australian Tax File Number (TFN). With your student visa you can apply via an Individual Auto Registration (IAR).

Get to know our campuses and the City of Melbourne.

Get your student card

All enrolled students must hold a University of Melbourne student card. This is used for identification, building access, using the Library, sitting exams, concession discounts, and University transactions.

Book a campus tour

Explore the University of Melbourne campus before you start studying. Join our student ambassadors for a free 60-minute guided walking tour, of our historic Parkville campus.

Get a Myki card

To travel across Melbourne’s public transport network of trams, buses and trains you need a Myki card. You can then create an online account to pay before your trips or top up with a credit card at selected stations and stops.

Attend Orientation activities

Celebrate campus and create memories with your University community! Kick off your academic and campus life with Melbourne Orientation.

More questions?

Find out more about preparing for your first semester on the new students' website.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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