What the University of Melbourne Extension Program offers

Through the University of Melbourne Extension Program you'll be able to study university subjects alongside your final year of high school. The program is free to join and if you're accepted you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of program benefits.


University of Melbourne Extension Program benefits

Boost your ATAR

Extension Program subjects can be used as a fifth or sixth VCE* subject in the calculation of your ATAR. Depending on your results, you could receive a valuable contribution of 3 to 5 points to your ATAR aggregate (the score used to calculate your final ATAR).

*Students studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) are not eligible to receive an ATAR contribution.

Experience university life

You'll receive a student card, email account and access to our libraries, study spaces and student clubs and societies. Plus support from our student services.

Make new connections and friends

You'll meet leading academics and teachers and be studying with our undergraduate students as well as other secondary students participating in the Extension Program.

Earn credit towards your degree

If you come to Melbourne for your undergraduate degree, you may receive credit for your Extension Program studies. This could mean that you finish your degree faster or take a lighter study load in first year.

Celebrate at our graduation ceremony

Receive your completion certificate at our graduation event mid-December, where you can celebrate your success with family, friends and fellow students.

Build an impressive CV

With your University of Melbourne academic transcript and the chance to receive further achievement awards through the program.

All this for free

Participation in the program, including subject fees, on campus teaching costs, student services, events and activities are provided free of charge. You can also access ongoing support with enrolment, assessments and more.

See ATAR contribution

Off-campus extension studies

If you want to study off-campus and closer to home, fees may apply for delivery of the program. This will be charged by the partner school, and can include things like printing, teaching, learning resources, venue hire and staff costs.

No penalty for withdrawal or failure

Your final year of secondary school study is an important one, and your Year 12 studies at school should be your priority. If you withdraw from or fail the Extension Program you will not experience any disadvantage when subsequently applying to study at the University of Melbourne or any other tertiary institution. Furthermore, your withdrawal or failure will not be recorded by the University or by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

More information

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Experiencing adversity?

Special Consideration

Special consideration can be granted during your University of Melbourne Extension Program studies for circumstances including short-term illness, hardship or trauma, religious observance, disability or chronic illness, carer’s responsibilities, elite athlete or artistic performer requirements.

Learn more about Special Consideration

Support for disability

If you have a disability or medical condition, support is available. Extension Program staff will work with you to ensure your studies are supported throughout the University of Melbourne Extension Program.

Learn more about Student Equity and Disability Support

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