Specialist Certificate in Law (Digital Law and Technological Innovation)

Course overview

  • 6 months part time
  • On Campus (Parkville)
  • Available to domestic students
  • Summer Intake - January


Note: This offering is not available to international students.

The Specialist Certificate in Global Competition Law responds to the proliferation of competition and consumer policies and laws, and their increasingly active enforcement, around the world. Competition policy and law are a crucial means of driving economic growth, higher living standards and productivity at national and global levels.

This course provides interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, beginning with an examination of the objectives underlying competition law and policy and the economic vocabulary, concepts and frameworks underpinning the legal prohibitions and enforcement approaches taken to competition law.

Students will then undertake a detailed study of a specific area of substantive competition law, drawing on the economic principles and objectives identified in the foundational subject. The policies, laws and enforcement experiences of the major jurisdictions in this field, the United States and European Union, will be examined, while also drawing on the experiences in other jurisdictions - from the Asia Pacific region particularly (including Australia).

Subjects have been developed and are taught by leading experts, each bringing outstanding pedagogical skills, substantive knowledge and practical skill and experience to instruction in the course.

It is designed for professionals in the private and public sectors who are aspiring to build or advance a career in this field. It is completed wholly online using sophisticated interactive technology to facilitate engagement with experts and a diverse network of like-minded peers.