Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)

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Your fees explained

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What fees will I pay?

As a domestic undergraduate student, you will enrol in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), which is subsidised by the Australian Government. You’ll still need to pay a student contribution amount. This fee is organised in bands based on the discipline area of the subjects that you take, not the course you are studying. The discipline fees are set each year by the Australian Government.

You can pay your student contribution amount to the University when you enrol (upfront), or you can defer this cost through the Australian Government’s Higher Education Loan Program (HECS-HELP) if you’re eligible.


HECS-HELP is the Australian Government’s Higher Education Loan Program. It enables you to borrow the amount of your student contribution and then pay that loan back once you are in the workforce and earning at a specified level. A HECS-HELP loan is not means tested.

HECS-HELP is available to eligible Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders who are enrolled in a CSP.

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

Student Service and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds are used to provide a wide range of services and amenities for students, and to support student-focused initiatives.

Generally, all students who are enrolled in 12.5 points (usually 1 subject or 0.125 EFTSL) study load or greater across the calendar year pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

SA-HELP, a government funded loan scheme, is available to help eligible students pay all or part of their SSAF.

The Government’s Study Assist website provides more information about Commonwealth Supported Places, HECS-HELP and SA-HELP.

Other financial assistance

The University's Student Financial Aid Service can provide you with advice and information on student loans and bursaries/grants, cost of living, budgeting and tax advice.


Find a scholarship that's right for you

The Faculty, Departments and affiliated Medical Research Institutes offer various scholarships to provide you with financial support and acknowledgement of your academic achievements. Over 22% of our students have been awarded either a merit-based and/or financial need-based scholarship annually.

Frances Elizabeth Thomson Trust Scholarship

The scholarship is available to full-time students who are enrolled in the MDHS Honours program through the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) and the Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours). The scholarship offers a one-off payment of $5,000 annually to students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance in their undergraduate degree and a high level of financial needs.

Application and selection Process

You are not required to submit a scholarship application at the time of your course application. Eligible students* are invited to apply via email at the end of February and requested to complete an online Student Financial Assessment Form. Selection is based on your academic performance in your undergraduate degree and your total financial assessment score. Selection outcomes are released in April and May.

*Students who have already accepted a merit-based scholarship within the course duration are ineligible for this scholarship.

2021 Scholarship Awardees

Susan Saldanha, Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) Student

Susan Daldanha Photo

I am very honoured to be the recipient of this award. I moved to Australia in 2017 with a goal to work in public health policy and health promotion at the global health scenario. I studied a double degree in health sciences and commerce at La Trobe University and I am now completing my honours year at the University of Melbourne with the intention of getting into the sexual health research field. Receiving this scholarship has lessened the financial burden on my shoulders and further motivates me to maintain my grades in my honours year. Doing well in my honours year is important to me as I would like to apply to study a PhD within sexual health. I aim to contribute to worthwhile research that advocates for gender equity, shape policy relating to prevention of violence against women and empower others to take control over their own sexual and reproductive health and well-being. It eases my mind knowing that there are scholarships such as this one for students like me and I thank you for your confidence and willingness in helping me achieve my goals.

Planning Saw, Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) Student

Planning Saw Photo

Since arriving in Melbourne four years ago, away from my family, I have been supporting myself financially through part-time work. It has been difficult balancing a full-time study load and work, therefore I am truly appreciative of this financial support as it allows me to better focus on my studies. I am an Honours student at the Department of General Practice, supervised by Prof Lena and Dr Marijana. I will be conducting a global scoping review on the available service navigation models in primary healthcare which improves the wellbeing of Indigenous youths. Currently, barriers are preventing the delivery of effective mental health interventions, resulting in mental ill-health for youths, especially Indigenous youths. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I was interested in learning about improving access and equity in healthcare. I believe that all individuals should have access to affordable, high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate care. I was fortunate to have found an Honours project which aligns with my values as well as a very supportive research group.  This scholarship will go a long way in supporting my journey of primary care research, and my hopes of contributing to a more accessible and responsive primary care health system.  Once again, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the Frances Elizabeth Thomson Trust, the Honours Admissions Team, and the Faculty of MDHS for this scholarship.

Seoyoung Lee, Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) Student

Seoyoung Lee Photo

I am delighted to write this message expressing my sincerest appreciation for the late Frances Elizabeth Thompson Trust Scholarship. Amidst living through the pandemic and the impact it has made on our lives, this scholarship offers me great financial relief and allows me to direct my focus on my study. Throughout my life as a person of colour, a migrant, and a woman, I was always intrigued by how one's identity often makes a huge difference in their life, particularly health. Such interest has led me to my current research on women's health and the socioeconomic factors that influence their cognitive ageing. Even in developed countries like Australia, the gap in health outcomes between different gender, ethnic, socioeconomic groups is immense. This is a significant concern of the modern world, with the accelerating trend of polarisation in both political and economic scenes across the globe. In such a social current, I believe it is our duty to bridge that gap, not only as health researchers but also as responsible citizens. Upon receiving this honour, I am reminded how important giving back is in doing so. With my heart set to pursue a career in the field of biomedicine, I will always remember the legacy of Frances Elizabeth Thompson: to be generous and caring, as one kind hand can make an immense difference in the life of someone in need.

2020 Scholarship Awardees

Jonathan Naddaf, Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) Student

MDHS Hons Jonathan Naddaf

From natives, to refugees, to immigrants – the lives of my parents in a nutshell. Having been forced to move to Australia to escape the horrors of war, adversity is something they have grown accustomed to. The language barrier especially, as, to them, it was insurmountable and undermined their previous education and ambitions. Consequently, my family has never enjoyed the benefits of financial stability. Although my parents did everything they could for my brothers and I, the majority of their minimal pay would go towards the house bills. This scholarship will help my studies as it will go towards buying the equipment needed for a private study and ease my financial stress regarding education and supporting my parents. As such, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the late Frances Elizabeth Thomson. I am currently enrolled in Melbourne University’s Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) and my research project is centred around melanoma. During my undergraduate studies I developed a passion for oncology, and so, I am very grateful for having been given the opportunity to expand on my passion. I hope that in the future I can contribute to this field and shed light on areas that have perplexed the esteemed medical profession.

Scholarships offered by Departments and Medical Research Institutes

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