Has the recent pandemic inspired you to gain a deeper understanding of the role that animals play in maintaining the health of human populations? Do you picture yourself working in a lab, tracking the root causes of disease outbreaks and developing vaccines? If so, the Animal Health and Disease major could place you in a career preventing the next coronavirus or swine flu epidemic.

If you’re interested in animal health and disease, but have decided not to pursue a career as a veterinarian, this major will provide you with a broad-ranging foundation of knowledge to set you up for a variety of careers in animal health-related fields.

Throughout your degree you’ll gain experience that prepares you for the workplace by participating in laboratory activities and industry engagement via workshops and site visits.

From 2021, the Animal Health and Disease major will be delivered in a new structure and will no longer offer two specialisations. The accelerated pathway to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is now through the Veterinary Bioscience major.