Major overview


Do you want to help animals? When a furry friend gets hurt, will you be there to stitch Fido up? Will you rush to the stables for a foaling?

If you’re looking to become a veterinarian, you can major in Veterinary BioSciences. The major in Veterinary BioSciences will give you one year of advanced standing so that you can work your way to becoming a vet in 6 years instead of 7. If successful in securing a place in this pathway major, your final year of the Bachelor of Science will also double up as your first year in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. The Veterinary BioSciences major is only available to students who have received a provisional offer for a place in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

In this major you will develop a holistic view of what impacts the health of domestic and production animals, whilst gaining the foundation to diagnose illnesses in animals and handle them with care. Work integrated learning forms part of the learning experience, where you’ll be given the opportunity to visit animal enterprises such as animal shelters, veterinary hospitals and a variety of farms.

The Veterinary BioSciences major has been newly introduced in 2021 to replace the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation within the Animal Health and Disease major. In 2021 the structure of the Animal Health and Disease major will also change and will no longer provide an accelerated pathway to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.