Major overview


Marketing is integral in selling products or services in an effective and profitable way, no matter the size of the business. It influences brand and corporate strategy. Using research and customer insight, marketing champions the voice, wants and needs of the customer to shape the product, service or delivery.

Marketing is essential to the health of any profitable enterprise, whether in the public or private sector. All organisations engage in marketing activities and must decide on a marketing mix that suits them best.

Marketing allows you to manage a brand and contribute to an organisation’s business strategy. This is relevant within large organisations as well as start-ups or new businesses.


  • Understand how to research market opportunities, design and advertise effective product and service offerings, and excite your customers through building your brand value
  • Learn strategies that help you understand your customers and successfully target their needs
  • Learn the fundamentals of advertising, product, service and brand management, strategic marketing, market research, relationship marketing, global marketing, digital marketing and buyer behaviour
  • Gain an understanding of key marketing tools and goals such as segmentation, positioning, service excellence, sustainable leadership, customer value, satisfaction and loyalty.