How you're selected

Graduate coursework study

Graduate programs normally require the satisfactory completion of an undergraduate degree. Applicants also need to meet the English language requirements of the University to be eligible to be offered a place.

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Eligible applicants will be ranked in order of merit according to published selection criteria. The highest achieving applicants are chosen first until the quota of places available in the course is filled.

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If you achieve high enough marks in your undergraduate degree you may be made an early offer to your chosen graduate degree.


To be eligible to receive an early offer, you need to meet the standard entry requirements and additional early offer requirements for the course of your choice. You'll need to check with each graduate school to see early offers are available for the degree you're applying for. You also need to apply by the deadlines specified by the graduate school.

How are offers made?

Not all places in a course are allocated an early offers (this is why the standard required for a rolling offer is higher than usual). Other applications are held until the next offer round for the course and will be considered alongside all other applications.

Contact the relevant graduate school for further information on early offer.

Graduate domestic students must have fulfilled one of the following criteria to meet the English language requirements:

  • Within the last two years have satisfactorily completed an entire undergraduate degree at an Australian institution; or
  • Within the last two years have satisfactorily completed either an entire postgraduate degree of at least two years duration at an Australian institution; or
  • By satisfying one of the other methods outlined in the Your application section.

Principles of selection

The University is committed to maintaining internationally recognised high academic standards in its courses.

To see how this is achieved, read our Selection and Admission Policy.