Selecting Your Subjects

You will need the subject names and the abbreviated discipline prefix with the five-digit codes for your Exchange or Study Abroad study plan to include in your application.

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How do I choose subjects?

There are a range of ways you can select subjects to study at Melbourne. This includes:

Also discuss your subject choices with an advisor at your home institution.

Can I choose any subject?

This will depend on meeting entry requirements and what exchange agreement is in place with your home institution.

  • Study Abroad students can take any combination of subjects from any faculty, conditional on meeting pre-requisites
  • Exchange students: If the University has a 'general' agreement with your home institution, you may take any combination of subjects from any faculty, conditional on meeting pre-requisites. If the exchange agreement with your home institution is with a specific faculty(s), you may only take up to two subjects from any faculty outside of that agreement.

Find out about faculty-specific requirements and restrictions.

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Transferring studies to your home degree

If you are intending to transfer credits from your University of Melbourne study back to your home degree, you should ensure you have completed the required approval processes at your home institution before enrolling into your subjects at Melbourne.

Want to play elite sports while you're away?

If you're an elite athlete, you can also apply for the University of Melbourne's high performance sports program Interchange while you're on exchange or study abroad. If accepted, you'll get access to sports services, facilities and training support.

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