Study areas

We offer single subject study for every interest. Take a look at the University of Melbourne Handbook and check if the subject is available through the Community Access Program.

Refer to Step 1 – Applications for single subject studies

Subjects with quotas

Quotas may apply for high-demand subjects and this will be noted in the handbook as ‘Quotas apply’. Some will have early closing dates or a different application process which will also be listed in the handbook.

Please note that not all quota subjects are available for single subject study.

Subjects not available through CAP

Not all subjects are available for single-subject study. Faculties/graduate schools reserve the right to limit the availability of some subjects to those students enrolled in award degrees only.

Faculty-specific information

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Some subjects are quota limited and have very strict application deadlines, as outlined on the MDHS website.

Psychology subjects

Refer to the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences website for more information about the single subjects that are available to CAP students. Fourth year Psychology subjects are not available to CAP students, with the exception of applicants who have a written recommendation from the Australian Psychological Society indicating that they need to complete fourth year subjects for registration purposes. Contact the fourth year Psychology Coordinator for further information.

Faculty of Science

The following subjects are not available for single-subject study (except for Indigenous students whose eligibility to undertake the subjects has been approved):

  • Foundation Mathematics 1 (MAST10014)
  • Foundation Mathematics 2 (MAST10015)
  • Science: A Study of Life and Environment (SCIE10001)
  • Science: Systems, Technology and Design (SCIE10002)
  • Science: Supporting Health and Wellbeing (SCIE10003)
Melbourne Business School

Subjects in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) are not available as single subject enrolments.

The following Specialist Certificate subjects are not available as single subject enrolments:

  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Stakeholders and Internal Influence
  • Motivating and Managing Performance
  • Resilient Leadership
  • Positive Leadership Development
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Strategic Awareness and Business Acumen
  • Managing Innovation
  • Strategic HR Leadership
  • Influence and Negotiation Strategies
  • Decision Making for Leaders
Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Master of Teaching subjects are not available as single subjects through CAP.


The following subjects are not available through CAP in Arts:

  • Capstone subjects and the Arts Discovery Subject (ARTS10002)
  • Capstone subjects and internships
  • Compulsory and core subjects Enrolment to be considered on a case‐by‐case basis and approved by the Program Head
  • Elective subjects: Enrolment to be considered on a case ‐by‐case basis and approved by the Subject Coordinator

Any other subjects where the handbook entry does not state the subject is available for CAP study