Single subject study

Studying single subjects helps you get ready for tertiary courses, skilled up for the modern workforce and fully invested in your own professional and personal development.

Offered through our Community Access Program (CAP), you'll be taught by expert teachers and researchers and can choose from a wide range of subjects both at an undergraduate and graduate level. You can choose from two study modes as detailed below.

Assessed mode

This option is perfect if you need to do  enabling studies through the Community Access Program (CAP) and satisfy subject prerequisites for entry to a Melbourne course. You can also use these subjects to apply for Advanced Standing (prior learning credit) after you enrol.

Your study will be assessed and you'll receive results and an academic transcript. You'll need to attend all classes, activities and complete all set assessment tasks. If you apply under the  Non-school leaver entry pathway, you could satisfy entry requirements by completing four subjects through the program.

If you're already a Melbourne student, you can also use the results to improve your current grades and prove academic rehabilitation in your degree. You'll first need approval from your faculty to apply and credit can't be applied to your current degree.

If you're not a student at all, these results can be used for things like professional accreditation. You'll need to first check what single subjects can be recognised by the organisation.

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Non-assessed mode

You don't just have to be a student to study single subjects. You could be working full-time and needing to up-skill. Or simply wanting to learn for your own personal development. Whatever the reason, non-assessed single subject study is the perfect option for you.

In non-assessed mode you can study single subjects to advance your career or simply learn new skills – without the pressure of exams or tests. Your study won't be assessed and you won't receive an academic transcript. If you apply for courses at a later stage, these subjects also can't be used to apply for advanced standing.

You'll still need to attend all classes and activities to receive a confirmation of completion.

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