Bridging and enabling studies

If you don't meet subject prerequisites or entry requirements for Melbourne degrees there are bridging and enabling programs you can study to qualify for entry.

Bridging programs

University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program

If you're an International student and need to develop your English language and study skills before starting a degree at Melbourne, Hawthorn Melbourne offer a 10 week bridging program to prepare you for tertiary study.

See Hawthorn Melbourne – UMELBP

Bridging program for overseas-trained professionals

If you're an overseas-trained professional and need to undertake some study in order to meet the entry requirements to practise your profession in Australia, you may be eligible to enrol in a bridging program.

Students doing an approved bridging study for overseas-trained professionals with an Assessment Statement may be eligible for FEE-HELP.

See Bridging study – Study Assist

Enabling studies

If deemed eligible, you can undertake a subject in assessed mode through the Community Access Program (CAP) to qualify for initial entry to a Melbourne degree.

To do this you need to apply for single subject study and clearly indicate in your application that you're applying for an enabling offer (in the section "Purpose for Study"). There are a wide range of single subjects you can choose from, both at an undergraduate and graduate level. You can find these in the University of Melbourne Handbook.

Being accepted into an enabling single subject does not guarantee entry into Melbourne degrees.

Apply for single subjects

To be considered for enabling studies, you need to be an Australian citizen or humanitarian visa holder and be able to provide evidence that you are completing a specific subject in order to satisfy course prerequisites.

For undergraduate degrees, you may be eligible for enabling study if:

Apply for single subject studies

For graduate degrees, you may be eligible for enabling study if:

  • you've included a conditional offer, in your single subject/CAP application, that clearly states you need to complete a specific single subject in order to qualify for entry into an award course, or
  • you provide a link to a website, in your single subject/CAP application, that clearly identifies the single subject you are applying for as a prerequisite for an award course, or
  • you've included an official letter or email, in your single subject/ CAP application, from the faculty or graduate school that clearly states the single subject you are applying for is a prerequisite for an award course
  • you're applying for one of the eligible single subjects in the table below:

Subject name

Subject code

Course for which it may satisfy a prerequisite

Advanced Chemistry for BioSciences


Doctor of Dental Surgery

Architecture Design Studio: Earth


Master of Architecture

Architecture Design Studio: Water


Master of Architecture

Architecture as Political History


Master of Architecture

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Doctor of Dental Surgery

Biology of Cells and Organisms


Doctor of Dental Surgery
Doctor of Physiotherapy

Chemistry 1


Doctor of Dental Surgery

Chemistry 2


Doctor of Dental Surgery

Formative Ideas in Architecture


Master of Architecture

Foundations of Design: Representation


Master of Architecture

Genetics and the Evolution of Life


Doctor of Dental Surgery
Doctor of Physiotherapy

Global Foundations of Design


Master of Architecture

Human Physiology


Doctor of Dental Surgery
Doctor of Physiotherapy

Introduction to Architectural Design


Master of Architecture

Modern Architecture: MoMo to PoMo


Master of Architecture

Principles of Human Structure


Doctor of Dental Surgery
Doctor of Physiotherapy

Apply for single subject studies

The following table illustrates the differences between standard CAP and Enabling study.

  Enabling study Community Access Program (CAP)
Available to Australian citizens, humanitarian visa holders, some New Zealand citizens All
Mode taken Assessed Assessed or non-assessed
Tuition fee Same Same
Payment of tuition fee Eligible for FEE-HELP Must be paid up-front
Tuition fee discounts (for University of Melbourne staff and their immediate families or for University of Melbourne alumni) Not eligible Eligible
Eligible for credit? Not eligible (except in some instances for students who gained entry via the non-school leaver entry pathway) Eligible in some instances. Please refer to Gaining credit for single subject study/CAP

To find out about more about fees, see Single subjects – fees and payments