Application help

Having trouble with your online course application?

Technical difficulties

If you are having technical difficulties with the online course application, such as receiving error messages, or you’re unable to progress to the next screen, you will need to log a help request.

Log a help request

To avoid undue delays, you will need to provide the following information so that staff can diagnose and resolve your problem:

  1. If you have been given an Applicant ID please quote the number (for current or former University of Melbourne students, this would be your student number).
  2. Please quote your full name: given name/s and family name.
  3. Date/time and problem experienced (if you can, include the error message and the page you were on or a screen capture).
  4. Please provide your date of birth, the address on your student record and the name of the course you previously studied with us for identification purposes

Other issues

  • Course information: If your enquiry is about which courses are available, you can refer to Find a course
  • Current Students: If you are a current student and your enquiry is about applying for anything other than a new course (such as information on leave of absence, application for cross-institutional study, or special consideration), refer to Stop 1
  • Scholarships: Please see information about Scholarships
  • Supervisor: If you are a future research student trying to contact a potential supervisor, see Find an Expert.

If your issue cannot be resolved by any of the information above, please contact Stop 1.