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Before you begin our online application process ensure that you meet the entry requirements for your preferred degree.

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Your University application must include supporting documentation and detailed information about any previous study you have completed.

Failure to upload supporting documentation will delay your application. If your supporting documentation is not in English, you will need to provide an official translation in addition to the original document.

What documents do I need to provide?

If you have previously studied at university, please upload copies of your academic transcripts for all attempted tertiary study.

If you are an undergraduate applicant, you will need to supply transcripts for your final secondary studies. Transcripts must show all subjects attempted and your academic results, this includes incomplete courses, study abroad or exchange subjects.

All applicants must check the entry requirements for your preferred degree before you get started. Additional documents such as personal statements, portfolios or results from aptitude tests may also be required.

You must also provide the University with proof of English language proficiency, this documentation may be uploaded after you have submitted your application.

Previous study at the University of Melbourne

You don’t need to provide transcripts for previous study completed at the University of Melbourne, however you will still need to provide transcripts for other tertiary study you may have undertaken at different institutions. You must apply using your previous University of Melbourne student ID number (so that your previous results can be matched to your application).

Previous tertiary study at an institution in Australia or New Zealand

You may provide any supporting documentation via My eQuals, an online system that allows Australian and New Zealand university students to access and share electronic transcripts and graduation documents. This will reduce the time required to process your application.

Previous tertiary study outside of Australia and New Zealand

If you are an international applicant, you can select Digitary VIA during your online application submission. This will allow you to provide the University with an independently verified, translated, and evaluated academic record online.

Obtaining verified digital copies of academic records can help fast-track your application. You may retain digital copies of your academic records to accompany any other applications you wish to make.

The Digitary VIA option incurs a one-off charge. Please refer to the additional information below if you studied in China, Pakistan or India.

Previous study in China

If you have studied in China, you can share your academic transcript through the Centre for Student Services and Development (CSSD) formerly known as the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC). This is an authoritative institution under the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE).

Learn more about CSSD

Alternatively, you can apply through one of the University’s authorised education agents who can verify your academic transcripts.

Previous study in India

If you are an international applicant who has completed tertiary study in India, you are required to apply through one of the University’s authorised education agents, who will verify your documentation.

If you have completed tertiary study in India, please provide individual marksheets for each semester of study completed. If your tertiary institution only provides a consolidated transcript, please request from them a statement that your transcript shows all subjects and results and that there are no backlogs or results withheld, and upload this to your application with your transcript.

Previous tertiary study in Pakistan

If you are an international graduate applicant who has completed tertiary study in Pakistan, you are required to apply through one of the University’s authorised education agents, who will verify your academic transcripts.

Previous study in the USA

International applicants who studied in the USA can share their academic transcripts using Parchment. Parchment is a secure and reliable end-to-end credentials support service, which allows students from US institutions to access and share electronic transcripts and graduation documents, removing the need for transcripts to be verified. This is the preferred method as it has a faster turnaround time.

How do I use Parchment?

After you have selected Parchment, you will be asked to provide your Parchment Delivery ID (DID). You will receive this once you have submitted your order with Parchment.

Log in to the Parchment website. Click on ‘Order Now’ and start by selecting your school to order or create an account. Please nominate the University of Melbourne by selecting ‘I am sending this order to another individual’ and provide the email address: (for graduate applications) or (for undergraduate applications). Please also include your University of Melbourne student ID/application ID in the recipient information section.

You can learn more about how to create a Parchment account and how to order a transcript through the following links:

Creating a Parchment Account - Parchment Student Users
Ordering a Transcript - Parchment Student Users

What if my institution does not use Parchment to send documents?

If you are unable to share your documents via Parchment, we will also accept academic documents via the National Student Clearinghouse. Please click on ‘Order a transcript’ and start by selecting your school.  
When ordering delivery of your verified documents, please arrange for them to be sent directly to (for graduate applications) or (for undergraduate applications).  
Please also include your University of Melbourne student ID/application ID with the delivery details, if possible.

You may find the information at ‘Submitting an Order – Transcript Ordering’ useful as well.

Verification of your supporting documents

The University will verify all results and documentation with the issuing institution upon receipt of your application. If you have applied through one of our  authorised education agents, certified academic results submitted by your agent will be accepted.

You may be required to present your original documents to the University at any time during the application process or throughout your enrolment at the University. If documents on which your offer was based are found to be incomplete or fraudulent, you will face serious penalties including withdrawal of enrolment.

There is additional information in relation to the provision of documents for specific groups listed below.

Don’t have your English language requirement documentation?

You’re welcome to complete an online application without your final results by providing your most recent academic results. The University may be made an offer that is conditional upon completing your studies and achieving the required grades, and/or satisfying the course English language requirements

Find out more about supplying transcripts and supporting documents

When applying online you need to ensure you have the following information ready to go:

  • What course you plan to study (e.g. Bachelor of Science).
  • The entry requirements for your preferred degree. Please ensure you have all relevant documents to upload to your application (e.g. copies of your transcripts).

Learn more about our degrees and entry requirements

How to apply online

1. Register: start an application account.

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Select apply as a new student, or use your existing University of Melbourne account if you are a current student. Complete the registration form with personal details and educational background and provide confirmation of your information. This will generate your unique application ID and temporary login details, you can then return to complete your application at later time.

2. Select your course preferences: choose the degree you want to apply for. Add any additional courses as your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th preferences. You can change your course preferences at any time prior to submitting your application.

More information on selecting preferences

3. Supply supporting documents: complete all required information and upload supporting documents to meet the eligibility requirements.

4. Submit your application: accept the terms and conditions and submit the application fee payment. Once you have done this, your application will be considered complete.

Please note: Most communication regarding your application will be via email. System-generated emails can sometimes be directed automatically to your spam folder. If you do not see emails about your application, please check your spam folder.

International students must pay a non-refundable application fee of AUD $130 for each application that you submit. This is paid at the end of the online application process by credit card.

You will not be charged the application fee if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You are a current University of Melbourne student
  • You are a current Trinity College Foundation Studies student
  • You have been given a waiver form signed by a University of Melbourne staff member at an exhibition or interview session
  • You are being sponsored (fully funded) by a government or private employer (supporting evidence must be attached and provided along with your application)
  • You are a Research Higher Degree applicant
  • You are a Study Abroad or Exchange student.

More information about application fees

Once your application is successfully submitted, you will receive two emails from the University:

  1. You'll receive an email after you save your personal details in our application system. This email contains your temporary application ID, this allows you to login to your application account.
  2. The second email is sent after you have paid your application fee (if required) and submitted your application. This email confirms the successful submission of your application. It will summarise your application details, and provide you with details about uploading application documentation.

If applications are complete and all supporting documents are submitted, most applicants will receive an outcome within the following turnaround times.

The indicative turnaround times listed above will not be relevant if the course you have applied for:

  • Makes selection decisions only at set times during the year
  • Requires results of admissions test that have not yet been released (e.g. GMAT, LSAT, GAMSAT/MCAT)
  • Requires outcomes of auditions or interviews that have not yet been scheduled.

If you experience technical difficulties with the online application, please see Application help.

If you have a question about studying or applying with us, you can find help at the support centre.

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