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Undergraduate study

When you apply for undergraduate degrees at Melbourne, first choose your course preferences, check you meet entry requirements then apply directly with the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). After applying, also see if you're eligible for our special entry schemes, scholarships and bursaries.

To help you do this, follow our step-by-step guide below on how to apply for undergraduate degrees.

How to apply

Domestic undergraduate applicants

Choose the undergraduate degree you want to apply for:

  • Bachelor degrees: your undergraduate (bachelors) degree is typically your first university degree. You can choose from more than 100 major fields of study giving you broad exposure to different ideas, approaches and ways of thinking across many disciplines. You can focus on particular area from day one of your degree, or keep your options open and discover new possibilities along the way. We offer undergraduate degrees in: Agriculture, Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce , Design, Fine Arts, Music, Oral Health and Science.
  • Diploma in General Studies: is a pathway into University of Melbourne undergraduate degrees in Agriculture, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, and Science. You can build the skills you need to achieve at University while living in a close-knit and supportive community at our Dookie campus near Shepparton in regional Victoria.

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If you have a high enough ATAR score, you may also qualify for a Graduate Degree Package for some graduate courses.

Your next step — Graduate study

Your undergraduate degree sets you up for specialising in your chosen field at graduate level. You'll work towards your professional qualification, in areas such as engineering, IT, architecture, teaching , medicine, law and psychology, as a graduate student. Your graduate degree will be internationally recognised, and set you apart from those who study a traditional Australian single or double degree.

Additional undergraduate study

  • Concurrent Diplomas – allow you to study an extra, diploma-level qualification alongside your bachelors degree. This can enhance your employability and enable you to develop detailed knowledge in an area outside your main area of study. Concurrent Diplomas are available in: Music, Languages, Informatics and Mathematical Sciences. You apply for a Concurrent Diploma once you have enrolled in your bachelors degree.
  • Honours – this extra year of study on top of your three year bachelors degree is designed to qualify you for graduate research degrees (PhD or Research Masters). Most undergraduate degrees offer an honours option. It gives you advanced research, analytical and communications skills, plus greater experience working on independent projects. It can also reduce the length of time by up to a year for some Masters degrees offered at Melbourne. You apply for honours in the final year of your undergraduate study via our current student portal.

Am I a domestic student?

A domestic student is an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.


You need to meet minimum eligibility to apply for undergraduate degrees. This includes entry requirements, subject prerequisites and English language requirements.

Check entry requirements


As a domestic undergraduate student, you will enrol in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), which is subsidised by the Australian Government. You pay a student contribution amount, determined each year by the Australian Government and the subjects you enrol in. This amount will vary depending on the subjects you take.

You can choose to defer payment through HECS-HELP for eligible students, or pay up front when you enrol. You also need to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee and factor other costs such as for course materials, excursions, social events, travel and accommodation.

How are my fees calculated?

As a domestic student, you will apply for undergraduate degrees online through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). If you are in Australia but outside Victoria, you still need to apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre for any degree you are considering at Victorian universities.

If you are a domestic student studying outside Australia, you also apply through VTAC. You submit your final results, when available, to VTAC – not to the University of Melbourne. You can submit an application before you get your final results, but selection for an offer is only based on your final academic results. See the information for domestic students studying overseas for more details.

Your VTAC application

  • The VTAC application system opens up for applications in early August each year.
  • Through VTAC, you can list up to 8 course preferences. You should list courses in your order of preference with the degree you are most interested in listed first.
  • Be sure that your application is finalised by the VTAC due dates, timely applications close in late September each year but you can pay a fee to submit an application past this time.
  • In some cases you'll need to submit evidence of results with VTAC. They’ll let you know if this is required. If you don't have your final results, you can still apply but will need to submit your final results to be made an offer.
  • If you would like to change the course preferences you submitted with VTAC, you can do this between specified dates – see the VTAC website for details.

Mid-year applications

Some courses also accept applications for mid-year entry. This is a separate application process with different due dates.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, there are few important steps to take when you’re applying. As part of the application process, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will need to confirm their Aboriginality. This information is required for you to be eligible for Indigenous targeted places and for Indigenous specific scholarships.

Contact Murrup Barak, the University's Institute for Indigenous Development, for further advice about applying and enrolling in your degree.

Visit Murrup Barak

Special Entry Access Schemes

Access Melbourne

Access Melbourne is the University of Melbourne’s equity program for domestic undergraduate students. Access Melbourne can help you gain a place in a degree at Melbourne even if your ATAR is below the selection rank normally required for an offer.

Access Melbourne also includes generous scholarships and grants that can ease the financial load, and a housing program to get you securely settled close to campus.

You can apply using one or more of the following categories:

  • disadvantaged financial background (guaranteed places available)
  • from a rural or isolated area (guaranteed places available)
  • under-represented school
  • difficult circumstances
  • disability or medical condition
  • non-English speaking background
  • recognition as an Indigenous Australian (guaranteed places available)
  • mature-age consideration (non-school leaver entry pathway)
How to apply for Access Melbourne

Applications for Access Melbourne and Access Scholarships are made using the Special Entry and Access Scheme (SEAS) application form on the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) website.

Firstly, check if you are eligible for Access Melbourne, then make sure you have submitted your degree application and your SEAS application through VTAC by the application deadline.

See Access Melbourne

Elite Athletes and Artistic Performers Entry Scheme

We encourage international, national and state representation in sports and artistic performance, and we know this level of commitment can impact your studies. We’ve developed the Elite Athletes and Artistic Performers Entry Scheme to help.

Find out more

If you have applied for a Melbourne degree through VTAC and special entry with Access Melbourne, you'll automatically be considered for a range of scholarships to help with your tuition and living costs. This includes the Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship and Melbourne Access Scholarship. In most cases you don't need to submit a separate application for an entry scholarship.

There are some scholarships which you do need to apply for, these could be found on the relevant degree pages under 'fees and scholarships' or explore our Scholarships site to find the right scholarship for you.

There are also many other scholarships and bursaries you will be eligible for as a current student as you progress through your study.

Melbourne Scholarships

University Accommodation

If you're planning to move to Melbourne for your studies, check if you're eligible for University Accommodation, offering student beds in partner accommodation close to campus.

See University Accommodation

Other accommodation options

There are also other option such as residential colleges, student apartments, share houses, homestay and temporary accommodation.

For help finding a place to live in Melbourne, see Accommodation

Under 18 international students

If you're Under 18, you'll need to ensure that your proposed arrangements for accommodation, support and welfare meet visa requirements.

To find out what these requirements are, see requirements for under 18 international students

Most students studying an Australian Year 12 will get their results around mid-December. Your results are automatically provided to the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC), so you don't need to do anything once your VTAC application is submitted.

In mid-January, offers are released for Semester 1 entry. If you are successful, you will be able to see your offer in your VTAC account. You will also receive an official email offer from the University of Melbourne.

If you are offered a place you can choose to accept, defer or decline. To accept your offer, you'll need to follow the instructions in your offer email and complete the first steps of your enrolment.

To find out more, see Offers and enrolments