Accommodation at Melbourne

Looking for your home in Melbourne? Search the full range of accommodation options, find and apply for accommodation and access support and advice.

The University is launching an Accommodation Guarantee for all undergraduate students in 2019 under the Melbourne Accommodation Program. In addition, there are a range of other accommodation options including the Residential Colleges and Student Village Melbourne. You can also search for hostels, share houses, homestay and temporary accommodation.

Applying for accommodation early to secure your place is an important part of settling in to Melbourne and we can help you find the place that's right for you.

Semester 1, 2019 accommodation applications are now open.

The Melbourne Accommodation Program provides an accommodation guarantee for all undergraduate students in 2019. With just a single application, students can apply for the University’s new accommodation at 303 Royal Parade, or one of the many other pre-approved accommodation options available. The program is designed to make finding and applying for accommodation easy.

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What you need to know

University accommodation is more than just a place to live. It's a place where you can be more independent, meet new people, explore different surroundings, and immerse yourself in the Melbourne experience. To help you find the right accommodation for your needs, here are some tips on what it's like to live and rent in Melbourne, accommodation types you can choose from, scams to watch out for, living costs, and any special conditions you need to be aware of.

Get accommodation support

Get help finding accommodation that is right for you, and understanding your rental rights. We offer advice on rental agreements, bonds, illegal charges, scams, rental disputes and more. You can book an appointment with the housing support team through Stop 1.

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