Mid-year applications

Please note: Mid-year applications are closed for 2022.

Here's how to get started

  1. Check entry standards

    If you meet the indicative standards for our courses, we encourage you to apply.

    • If you haven’t completed any study since completing secondary school/Year 12 refer to the indicative minimum ATAR and  guaranteed ATAR (if applicable)
    • If you already have tertiary results refer to the indicative minimum weighted average mark (WAM). We consider your whole academic record, so don’t let your ATAR stop you.

    Please note: Final entry standards in our mid-year intake depend upon the demand for our available places, which means that meeting the indicative minimum standards listed does not guarantee a place.

    Indicative entry standards for mid-year 2022 entry (domestic applicants)


    Indicative minimum ATAR*

    Guaranteed ATAR^

    Indicative minimum WAM (%)+

    Bachelor of Agriculture




    Bachelor of Arts




    Bachelor of Arts (Extended)#

    Range of criteria used for selection (minimum ATAR is 50.00)

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Bachelor of Biomedicine




    Bachelor of Commerce




    Bachelor of Design




    Diploma in General Studies

    Range of criteria used for selection (minimum ATAR is 50.00)

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Diploma in General Studies (Extended)#

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Bachelor of Music (Performance, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, and Music Studies specialisations)~

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Range of criteria used for selection

    Bachelor of Science




    ^ Domestic school-leaver applicants who: completed an Australian Year 12 qualification or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2020 (or will complete an Australian Year 12 qualification or the IB Diploma by mid-year 2021); apply for their preferred undergraduate course in VTAC; satisfy course prerequisites; achieve the Guaranteed ATAR (or notional ATAR); and preference appropriately to receive an offer will be certain of a place in their chosen degree. Please note that you will not be classified as a school-leaver applicant if you have completed any tertiary studies since completing the Australian Year 12 or the IB Diploma (or equivalent).

    * Domestic school-leaver applicants who satisfy course prerequisites and achieve the 2021 minimum ATAR will still be considered for a place but are not guaranteed. The lowest selection ATAR to which a domestic offer is made may be higher than the minimum ATAR, depending on demand for the course and the number of places available. Only domestic applicants eligible for special entry schemes may be admitted below the minimum ATAR.

    # Available only to Indigenous Australians who are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.

    + Final entry standards in our mid-year intake depend upon the demand for our available places, which means that meeting the indicative minimum weighted average mark (WAM) published here does not guarantee a place.

    ~ The Bachelor of Music Performance, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, and Music Studies specialisations are available to all applicants commencing at mid-year. Please note that the Composition, Interactive Composition, and Jazz and Improvisation specialisations are not available for mid-year commencement.

    Refer to Find a course for prerequisite information for the relevant degree. For details about how your application is assessed, see How you're selected.

  2. Submit your course application

    Domestic students apply for mid-year intake through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). When you apply you must disclose any tertiary study that you have undertaken - or are currently undertaking during Semester 1, 2022 - at any institution.

    Internal transfer applicants with a Semester 1, 2022 enrolment at the University of Melbourne must be disclosed in your VTAC application.

    • Mid-year applications open with VTAC 9am Monday 4 April 2022.
    • Mid-year applications close with VTAC 5pm Friday 10 June 2022.

    Apply through VTAC

    Current University of Melbourne students

    Current students applying to transfer to a different undergraduate University of Melbourne course must apply for an ‘internal transfer’ via VTAC. Note that selection for an internal transfer is competitive, and prerequisites must still be satisfied.

    Melbourne Chancellors Scholars

    Melbourne Chancellors Scholars seeking a place in another course should apply through VTAC for the relevant Chancellor’s Scholars course. Once you receive your offer, we’ll transfer your Melbourne Chancellors Scholarship to the new course.

    International students granted permanent residency

    International students who have recently been granted Australian permanent residency don’t need to reapply to be considered for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in the same course. Follow these instructions to let us know about your change of citizenship and you’ll automatically be considered for a CSP in your current course. Please note that your application will be assessed competitively against the rest of the applicant pool, and selection will be based on your academic record.

  3. Special entry schemes

    Access Melbourne

    Access Melbourne is our Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) for domestic undergraduate students. It can help you gain a place in our degrees even if your academic results are below the selection rank normally required for an offer. The scheme takes into consideration the unique and personal circumstances that may have impacted your final secondary school results as part of your undergraduate course application.

    Access Melbourne also includes generous scholarships and grants that can ease the financial load, and a housing program to get you securely settled close to campus.

    You can apply using one or more of the following categories:

    • Disadvantaged financial background (guaranteed places available)
    • Resident of a rural or isolated area (guaranteed places available)
    • Graduate of an under-represented school
    • Difficult circumstances
    • Disability or medical condition
    • Non-English speaking background
    • Recognition as an Indigenous Australian (guaranteed places available)
    • Non-school leave entry pathway (mature-age consideration).

    How to apply for Access Melbourne

    • Check your eligibility for one or more the Access Melbourne categories
    • Submit a course application through VTAC
    • Complete the SEAS application form on the VTAC website and apply before the application deadline.

    Find out more

    Elite Athletes and Artistic Performers Entry Scheme

    If you're an elite athlete or artistic performer who has competed at an international, national or state level you may be eligible for our Elite Athletes and Artistic Performers Entry Scheme.

    Find out more

  4. Submit results and SEAS documentation (if applicable)

    Once you’ve lodged your course application, you’ll also need to submit your SEAS application on the VTAC website by 5pm on Friday 10 June 2022.

    Current tertiary students

    If you're a current tertiary student at an Australian institution, your Semester 1, 2022 results will in most cases be automatically available to the University via VTAC (even if the results are released after the application closing date).

    Please make sure your VTAC registration contains all required details about your current/previous tertiary enrolment. If VTAC cannot automatically access your tertiary results they will contact you – it will then become your responsibility to provide your results to VTAC in hardcopy.

    If your current tertiary institution does not officially release Semester 1, 2022 results by 5pm on Monday 11 July, we may be unable to assess your mid-year application.

    If you’re currently studying at an Australian university that will not release official Semester 1, 2022 results until on or after Monday 11 June, you may wish to take steps to source a statement of your final Semester 1, 2022 results and provide these directly to the University of Melbourne by no later than 5pm on Tuesday 12 July.

    All statements of results submitted directly to us must be on official letterhead and be signed/stamped by your current university – a print-out of your results from your student portal account is insufficient and will not be considered.

    Official endorsed results statements should be scanned and emailed to: undergrad-admissions@unimelb.edu.au. Please include your VTAC ID number in the subject line of this email, and detail your full name, date of birth and the University of Melbourne course(s) that you have applied for - via VTAC - in the body of your email.

    Results obtained outside Australia

    If you have results attained outside of Australia for any tertiary studies (university or TAFE) or Year 12, submit these to VTAC in support of your application. See the VTAC website for more information.

  5. Search for a scholarship

    By applying through VTAC you’ll automatically be considered for a range of scholarships that can assist with your tuition and living costs, such as the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship and the National Merit Scholarship. In most cases you don’t need to submit a separate application for an entry scholarship.

    Students who submit their SEAS application for Access Melbourne will be automatically considered for a Melbourne Access Scholarship.

    There are also hundreds of course-specific scholarships you could be eligible for which require a separate application. These can be found on the relevant degree pages under 'fees and scholarships', on faculty websites or by exploring our scholarships website.

    Explore scholarships

  6. Receiving an offer

    For mid-year 2022, University of Melbourne domestic offers will be released in the following VTAC offer rounds

    • June round: Tuesday 28 June*
    • July round 1: Thursday 7 July*
    • July round 2: Friday 15 July

    Check your VTAC account (after 2pm) on these dates to see if you have been offered a place.

    If you have been successful, an email offer from the University will be sent to you on the same afternoon with a link to our ‘Get started at Melbourne’ website, which provides advice about how to accept your offer and enrol.

    * Please note, if you do not receive an offer in the June round or in July round 1, it may be because we have not yet received your Semester 1, 2022 results for consideration. If you still have results pending, you’ll need to wait until July round 2 for an outcome. This timing applies to most current tertiary students, including current University of Melbourne students who are applying for an internal transfer.

  7. Credit (advanced standing)

    As soon as you receive your offer, you can apply for credit (advanced standing).

    Receiving credit means that you won’t have to repeat subjects that have equivalents in your new course, and you may be able to finish your course sooner. More details about applying for credit will be sent to you along with your course offer.

  8. Deferrals

    Domestic students offered a place at mid-year may be eligible to defer the commencement of their studies. Please note that deferrals are not automatically granted and not all undergraduate courses have the option to defer. Refer to the Defer my offer page for more detail.

    Once you have received your offer, you can submit a deferral application online.

Accepting your Melbourne offer

Find out how to receive and accept your offer, enrol as a student, and get ready for your undergraduate studies.

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