Offers and enrolments

Undergraduate study

If your application is successful, you'll receive an official offer email from the University with instructions about how to accept your offer and enrol in your course online. You can choose to accept, defer or decline your offer.

Accepting your offer

If your offer is conditional, you'll need to meet the conditions of your offer before accepting it. Once you have the documentation to meet your offer condition you can upload the documentation directly into your application. Instructions on how to upload your documentation can be found here.

If you've been sent an unconditional offer, you can choose to accept it online immediately.

To accept your offer, follow the instructions in your offer email. You can then enrol and start planning your studies with Melbourne.

Accept and Get Started at Melbourne

How to defer your offer

If you're offered a place in an undergraduate degree you can apply to defer the commencement of your studies. If you want to defer your offer, you'll need to submit a deferral application online by the census date or course fees will apply to you.

Information on how to defer your offer, the University's deferral policy and which courses will accept applications to defer are all found on the Get Started at Melbourne website.

Defer my offer

Declining your offer

If you've received an offer for a place at Melbourne and decided not to accept, you'll need to decline your offer. Alternatively, you can choose to defer your offer, if you think you might change your mind later on.

Decline my offer

If your application is unsuccessful

If you don't receive an offer, it means that you have not met the minimum entry standards or scores required.  If you're not happy with the outcome, you can ask for feedback on your application. You can also ask about additional study options to increase your chances of getting into a degree in the future.

Ask for feedback

Enrol with Melbourne

To enrol in your degree, visit Get Started at Melbourne

Here you can create a student account, apply for a student card, plan your study, enrol in subjects, find out about orientation and more.

See who you'll be studying with

Also check out Melbourne's student profile to get an idea of who you'll be studying with in your undergraduate degree.

View Student profile

Apply for Advanced Standing

After you receive an offer you may be able to transfer any recognised prior learning credits by  applying for Advanced Standing.

If credit is granted, this can reduce the number of subjects you need to complete in your degree.

To find out more, see Advanced Standing

Transfer courses

If you want to transfer courses from another institute or within Melbourne, see Transferring courses as a domestic student

Now you're enrolled at Melbourne, it's time to start planning for your studies. Tips on how to find accommodation, access student services and explore what campus life has to offer.

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