Redefine your potential in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Mid-year applications now open

Whether you are launching your own start-up or wanting to drive change within an organisation, learn the latest innovation skills to make your entrepreneurial ambition a reality.

Why study innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Melbourne

Start something that matters

These courses are for people who want to innovate, iterate and solve real world problems through entrepreneurship.

Get your toolkit

Build your foundational knowledge of entrepreneurship and in our Masters courses and specialise with the right skills to make your entrepreneurial ambition a reality.

Learn in a completely new way

Our Masters courses are delivered at the purpose-built Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship. Designed to be a 24/7 co-working space, and to host small-class seminars, it gives you space to experiment where it’s OK to fail.

"A degree in entrepreneurship needs three things: Relevant content, highly qualified teaching staff with experience as entrepreneurs, and the support of an external network of leading mentors, investors, incubators and entrepreneurs. We are genuinely excited to offer all three to our students – they just need to add their entrepreneurial passion."

Professor Colin McLeod
Executive Director of the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre
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